The Millionaire Matchmaker

Thu, 31/12/2009

There’s this show on TV and I watch it all the time. It’s called “The Millionaire Matchmaker.”

If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a bunch of rich guys who don’t have any game trying to get hitched up with hot chicks who are all gold diggers.

Sounds like good TV right?

To me, it’s cool on a few levels.

1- watching the guys with no game. Jake and I will sit on the sofa and CRINGE watching these guys destroy themselves over and over. They supplicate to the chicks, kill all attraction, the matchmaker has their nuts in a bag, and they’re all super passive and submissive. Awesome TV!

2- The chicks- The matchmaker loads in so many chicks that they all get desperate. The competition is driving them nuts, plus they’re on TV. Most of them hold it together pretty well. But you can tell they are freaking the fuck out inside.

3- The matchmaker. I am not gonna hate on this chick, because she really has more balls than most people. While I may disagree with some of what she says, I think she’s a true baddd ass HUSTLER! Respect! Yes, she’s baddd with 3 Ds. Which brings me to my next point, she’s got huge tits. Great TV! Yeah yeah, I know what you’re saying…”Brad!! have you lost your mind!! That woman is 53 years old and she’s had more plastic surgery than Rupaul!” Hey I’m not saying I’m gonna go out and chase her, I’m just saying that huge, natural tits are something you should always take a look at, no matter what may be surrounding them. And there’s nothing wrong with an older woman presenting herself as being attractive and confident. I think older women can be very attractive in some cases. OK enough about my irrational boobie obsession, cut me some slack, I live in LA, a wasteland of fake tits.

The only thing I hate about this show is this-

Guys come in telling this matchmaker, Patti Stanger, what they want in a woman.

Weird thing is, she always tells them not to want what they really want. She tells them to want something different.

How can you tell your clients not to want something they truly want??

But it’s not just a subtle hint, Patti puts these guys in an absolute strangle-hold, telling them that what they want is wrong, wrong, wrong.

These guys are complete pussies, so they immediately roll over and agree to whatever she says.


They’re paying Patti 10 or 20 grand to find them a chick. Then they say “I want a young hot chick.”

Patti tells them “No, you’re too old, you can’t have a hot young chick, you’ll take whatever chick I give you.”


This is truly incredible!!

If you’re such a wuss that you let someone else tell you what kind of girl to want, it’s no wonder you can’t get laid or find a wife, even tho you have 20 million in the bank.

Props to Patti, she dismantles multi-millionaires on a daily basis. You can tell by the way she does it that it’s routine to her. “Welcome to our matchmaking service. Please deposit your nuts in a bag on the way into the office. Then proceed to the office for more screening and give us your 20 grand.” Patti, you’re my hero!

Ok enough with all the jokes. On a serious note, I believe that a man can get any kind of woman he wants, if he puts in the time and effort to improve himself.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 68 years old. If you truly want to date a 21 year old woman, and you are committed to making that happen, you can absolutely make it happen.

There is no question.

It is unequivocal.

You can make it happen if you take the necessary steps.

People, this is not some weird idea that no one has ever heard of before. All over the world, for thousands of years, older men have been dating younger women. It’s possible. It’s normal. It’s natural. I’ve seen it many times.

I had a 55 year old man in my workshop pick up a 25 year old woman on a cold approach right before my eyes! First night of the WS!

COLD APPROACH, as in never seen her before in his life.

30 years younger.

She tested him 3 or 4 times, he used one of the techniques we teach in the workshop to get past the tests, then they hung out, had a few drinks, and she proceeded to suck his cock and ride him the rest of the night.

Yes it was a 55 year old man….in a bar full of 20 somethings. All the students saw it, I think he even wrote a review, which you can find for free in the “Geeks Get Girls” book.

Dating younger women is not as impossible as people say.

Anyone who tells you “you can’t do it” or “what you want is wrong” or “you are a bad person for wanting that” is a person you should not listen to.

Go for your dreams. Don’t let people tell you “you’re too old” or “you’re too fat” or anything like that.

You know what you want. You are going to want what you want no matter what. Why try to hide it? Why let other people tell you what you should want? That’s crazy talk.

The coaches and I will be here to support your dream, whatever dream you decide to chase.

-Brad P.