“Secrets of Inner Game” review

Fri, 27/05/2011


I downloaded from http://bradp.com/product/secret-of-inner-game/

I’m writing to say that just one listen to your “Secrets of Inner Game” has already had an amazing effect (I listened to your teleseminar last night). Your material and your ability to communicate in candid detail the root cause of many of my problems shook me to my core. I also signed up for a trial of the 30/30 club.

In July I’m attending a bootcamp. I also plan to purchase your “How to Beat Approach Anxiety.”

Besides this material, do you have any other recommendations for me? Best things to follow. It sounds like the 30/30 club will keep me busy.

Thanks much,



My main advice to you would be stick to the 30/30 curriculum VERY CLOSELY. Don’t change it or mess around with it or add other material, just follow it EXACTLY.

On the 30/30 forum, you will see a topic called “How to learn from 30/30.”
Read that very closely.