Never Too Young or Too Old to Get Laid

Sat, 20/08/2011

Hi, Brad P here.

Today I’m here to talk about a common limiting belief among men.
Specifically, age. Sometimes students ask, “What if I’m too young?” or
“What if I’m too old?”

It’s true. Some women have ridiculous ideas about their requirements
in a man, but all that goes out the window if the woman is attracted
to you.

If you get asked how old you are you, give 1-3 ridiculous answers, say
something wacky, then run some attract material before they know
what’s going on.

Chicks simply do not have the attention span to concentrate on how old
you might be when they feel attracted to you and confused by you.

For example:
– How old are you?

– Old enough to be your daddy, now stop asking questions before I send
you to your room.

– No really how old are you?

– I’m only four…just kidding. …I’m 76. Now come tell Santa what
you want for christmas (kino). Hey did you ever do that? Go sit on
Santa’s lap? What’s up with those elves, they’re so metro. I think you
have to be a gay midget to get a job as an elf. My friend Jerry is a
gay midget, and he just broke up with his boyfriend, now give me your
opinion on this (gay breakup opinion question).

Tell a chick your real age after like the 3rd time you fuck her. At
that point it really doesn’t matter. She will backwards rationalize
the whole thing, tell herself she likes your youthfulness or

I’m in my thirties and I fuck 20 year old girls all the time, I just
lie about my age usually then tell them later, if at all.

I seem like 22 for some reason so I have them guess, then whatever
they guess I tell them “RIGHT!” If they’re attracted first, they will
always guess the age they WANT you to be. Funny how that works.

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Until next time,

Brad P.