Hands On Training with Brad P.- be 1 in 5 at exclusive workshops!

Thu, 21/06/2012

Hey Guys,

I am really excited to announce two Brad P. workshops coming up soon. These will be hands-on workshops, meaning I will personally be watching your game and showing you demo sets myself.

If you have been hoping to work with me personally you will want to make sure to sign up as soon as possible! The London, UK training will only be open to 5 students.

Sign up now and make sure your 1 of 5 at the Hands-On Training with BradP workshop!

The amount of training and knowledge you will gain over these 2 days will ensure you are on your way to achieving your goals and turning your dreams into a reality.

The workshop dates are:

+Brad P. in Chicago
Sept 28-30

+Brad P. in London, UK
Oct 26-28

Students have shown amazing results from these small workshop settings and I love getting the chance for lots of 1 on 1 interaction and training with everyone.

At a past Chicago workshop stats were mind blowing!

4 out of the 6 students got laid! (All four got these lays off cold approach!)

At The Hands On BradP workshop I will work with you personally and you will be given:

-direct instruction based on your specific needs
-honest and true feedback
-demo approaches
-help on special topics not covered anywhere else
-cutting edge techniques that haven’t been released to anyone outside of workshops

Unfortunately I am not able to do this type of workshop often but this is the closest thing to my 1 on 1 training.

If you don’t live in these cities you might benefit even more to being in this anonymous environment where you can ensure your only focus is improving your life by working on what holds you back.

Give me a shout if you have questions but don’t wait too long if your thinking of signing up as I will not be enlarging the workshop space and you don’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity.

You can sign up or ask questions by calling 702-516-8879 or emailing Drew@BradP.com.


PS- If you’re wondering what happens in a workshop, I’ll leave it to my students to describe that. Here’s a mountain of workshop reviews, where you can read the un-edited thoughts of students.

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