Online Dating tips for men

Sat, 16/06/2012

Another program I’ve been working on is an online dating program. Again, this is an area where I really wanted to take my time putting it together. There’s many, many variables in this game, and it seemed like the game was evolving and changing from year to year. I wanted to develop something that would work for years and years to come, even as the game was changing. I wanted to get the right fundamental skills figured out and pass them on to you.

Unlike cold approach pickup, Online Game is an area where I think it can be good to try multiple products from multiple coaches and authors. There’s just a lot of trial and error to it. You’ve got to experiment with different ideas to find what works for you. That’s why I’ve recommended Blackdragon’s system, as well as Dave M’s system in the past.

As for my system, I interviewed the guy who’s the best I’ve ever seen at online dating, Glenn P.

Glenn P. was the first coach I ever hired. Before Glenn, I had never seen anyone who I felt had enough game and teaching skill to be an official coach. Glenn is ultra talented, and is on a genius level in all parts of the game. After a 18 month break, he is back on my coaching roster, and you can get coaching with him in NYC at his upcoming workshop July 20-22 . Just call us at 702-516-8879 for details.

Glenn had some amazing ideas for online dating, and I added in a bunch of my online dating techniques as well. Have a listen to this sample of the audio.

I hope you guys enjoy the free samples. I will be putting these full programs out in the next few months, when I am fully happy with them. I hope you decide to check them out.

Talk soon

-Brad P.