PUA sexual escalation

Sat, 23/06/2012

Here’s a super fast way a PUA can do some sexual escalation.

A bunch of college girls I bummed a ride from in Iowa one time introduced me to a highly sexual game. It’s called “Are You Nervous.”

It goes like this- you put your hand on the girl’s leg and say “Are you nervous?” If she says no, you move it a little higher and then repeat “are you nervous.” You just go again and again until she says yes or you’re playing with her (you know what), whichever comes first.

Then you switch, and she puts her hand on your leg and asks you “Are you nervous?”

The girls I met were playing it with each other, then they played it with me, then I played it on all of them. I ended up playing with 2 chicks p—ssies and both their t—-tss, and we barely knew each other at all.

One girl was running her hand up my thing for a good 20 seconds. I hadn’t really run much decent game on them; in fact I tripped and fell on the dance floor and that that’s how I met them.

I’d say it has to go a little slower if you are the one introducing it, but will still work pretty well. Just say “Hey did you ever play ‘Are You Nervous?'” and explain what it is, then jump right in.

The nice thing about this game is that it allows you to escalate all the girls in the group at once, and then the entire group will backwards rationalize that you are a cool, sexual guy since all of them got touchy with you.

You’ll get extra attraction if you can play the game and never seem in the least bit creepy or perverted. You have to not even seem too affected by the arousal of it, as if this is normal and you’re playing with girls’ jugs all the time.

If the girls are getting turned on faster than you are, and it’s no big deal to you, that’s helpful.

It’s just a game, so it doesn’t set off the girls’ slut defenses and red flags as much as if you were doing serious kino with one girl only. Just be careful not to seem creepy with this bit. When the girl answers “yes” be sure you stop immediately and then just laugh at her, “Ha ha, you got nervous” then move to the next person quickly without dwelling on it too much.

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Let me give you a bit more analysis of the psychology behind this kind of game. Lots of people think that a woman would never let you touch her like that within only a few minutes of meeting her. Women often make statements about how “I haven’t been with anyone since my boyfriend” or “I don’t kiss on the first date.” That’s the kind of thing they say when they are not in a good mood, and they are not around a guy they are attracted to. Once her mood is heightened and she is feeling some attraction, all bets are off, and she will do things like grab a guys junk who she hardly knows. Then you will hear the old disclaimer “I never normally do this.” Remember, a woman’s actions are snap decisions that depend on her mood in that moment and her attraction level.

Furthermore, women are influenced by the actions of their friends. If her friend is doing something fun and sluuutty, she will do it too. When others are doing something stuff like that, she feels that she has permission and no one will judge her.

Women have two conflicting urges. One of those urges says “Don’t do anything fun and slu–ttty because people will judge you and everyone in town will say you’re a loser. No one will like you ever again. Then you will be end up alone in a ditch, dead somewhere within a week or two.”

The other urge says “Getting touched feels good. Being sl-ttttty feels good. Touch men! Touch girls! Get turned on! Have fun!”

Whenever she goes out and flirts with people, these 2 urges get stronger and stronger. A game like “Are you nervous” is essentially a LOOPHOLE in the sexual part of a woman’s mind. She can satisfy both urges at once, because it’s “just a game” and “everyone is doing it.”

Good luck with this new technique. It’s the fastest PUA sexual escalation I’ve tried.

Brad P.