PUA TVA_Olso reviews my Pheromone Kid interview

Thu, 28/06/2012

Hey guys

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You might remember that I learned from a natural that seduces women in 10 minutes or less. He goes by name Pheromone Kid, and I learned a lot from him. I was able to replicate his results myself.

But the question I wanted to explore today, is whether these results can be replicated by other players, not only by me.

So I gave a copy of this program to a guy who goes by TVA_Oslo. TVA_Oslo is a guy who made a lot of really cool posts on seduction community forums. I can tell he has good game and he goes in the field a lot. Just by reading his field reports, you can tell he is getting laid from cold approach on a regular basis.

TVA_Oslo wrote me this review after he listened to The Pheromone Kid interview a few times, and then took it out into the field and tested it. Thanks TVA_Oslo for putting in the time to listen, test, and write a thorough review!

Get your copy of the Pheromone Kid’s 10 minute seduction technique here.


I personally want to say one thing.

I have, listened to a few pickup products. Some of them are good, but most of them sucked. In fact, I have only listened to around 15 minutes of most of them.

But pheromone kid made me smile. The first reason for why I really liked it, was because, they didn’t mention the word “value” or “demonstrate higher value.” Here it’s all about getting the girl horny and avoid ing her logic.

The product is an interview with a natural friend of BradP called the pheromone kid. The Pheromones Kid got his name for quick pulls.

The system is very extreme, it’s based on screening girls for sexual receptiveness, this is described pretty well in the audio.

The second thing is demonstrating horniness, but not showing her that you want her. For this reason, PK is claiming he is horny and about to do something about it.

Another thing he does is asking women for logistics. Example “do you know about any quiet places?” This is also described in the product.

His whole goal is screen for the right girls, then demonstrating horniness, then asking girls about a quiet place to go.

What makes the women come with him, is often due to the Pheromones Kid’s view on sex, which is “sex is no big deal” which you can hear in his examples in the audio, his tone when he asks the girls questions is very relaxed, and very “this is very normal. He says that seeing a guy behaving sexually is rare and is exciting for girls.

If she objects, he will deal with her logic, but telling her for example, that she will not touch her. This can be easily solved once you are in front of her in a quiet place, as she will get aroused. He describes multiple way to deal with it. He also says how to get away if she says no, or gets angry.

From there he get her to the bathroom and start jacking off in front of her.

He then describes how he escalates from there.

In the Audio he also quickly shared his view and advices on relationship (10 minutes only). These were quick tips and a good view.

His view on women and sex is awesome. Especially when he said: “If I get laid, awesome… if not… I got get myself a sandwich” is really a funny and good view.

Pheromone Kid is a really funny guy, same as Brad. This was far from a lame RSD audio, this was actually fun and entertaining to listen to, same as you learned a really funky method, which from my field experience have given me good results.

This method is for QUICK kills, and is numbers game at is best. This is a good method for the end of the night were you haven’t been getting any yet, you can use this as a last option and take what you get (sometimes you can get good results!!!)

This can also lead to insane lays.

Who is this for?

BradP says it’s advanced. Often this is a marketing trick. Advanced means good right?

I thaught he was saying this for selling. But when I listened to it… I was shocked that a commercial guy could pull anything like this off. I have experienced insane shit, I have read about insane shit, but seeing a commercial guy sells this shocked me. I even emailed bradP asking him, Is this real? Do you mean it?

I discovered that this product is very advanced.

This is not for weak egos. The success rate is lower than most method, but the results you get are awesome.

Also, it requires a lot of balls and calibration. This is why it’s advanced. It’s far from a complicated product. A newbie would understand it…

But a beginner student will be scared to pull it off, and I am not sure if it will give him any success. I agree with BradP that it might ruin a beginner’s self esteem aswell.

If there is something I want to give this product shit on, is the sound quality. It’s bad sometimes. But this doesn’t really matter. It’s not horrible. It just could be better. Also the users manual, which were supposed to follow, were 3 email newsletters. This one was disapointing.

The product itself was very good. I also received one month free on the 30/30 club when receiving it, and the Underground Dating Seminar. I haven’t listened to it, but it at least followed with my copy of the pheromone kid.

Good product.

It gets and 8/10 from me.


Thanks for the review TVA_Oslo. Sounds like this guy has good game already, and gave the system a fair chance, and got great results. I can’t ask for any more than that!

Get your copy of the Pheromone Kid’s 10 minute seduction technique here.

TVA_Oslo got good by going in the field a lot. If you are having trouble going in the field, you should seriously consider training with me or Glenn in London, Chicago, or New York.

-Brad P.