Feel Good Pickup Workshop

Fri, 24/08/2012

If you’ve been following my teaching for a while, you’ll notice that I’ve been working for almost a decade now on how to get YOU the results you want.

I want to make sure all your dreams come true. I want you to get the girl of your dreams. I want you to bang as many girls as you want.

At first I worked on teaching people the techniques and strategies of success. This helped lots and lots of men, but some were still left behind. I realized it was because people were not going in the field and not using the material.

If you’ve read my Forbidden Truth reports , you know that I believe the root of the problem is lack of field time.
Now, I’d like to go one level deeper and introduce you to a new idea.

The reason why a lot of students don’t go in the field enough is because they believe the field will be a painful experience. They feel they will not get good feelings by being in the field. They’ve experienced pain and rejection in the field, and they don’t want to feel that again.

Today I’m here to introduce you to my newest teaching concept, which I call “Feel Good Pickup.”

The coaches and I have been working on new ways of training people. Our first priority is always to help you get laid as fast as possible. But we are also making it a high priority to teach you a way of being in field and feeling good about it.

In these upcoming workshops, I am going to make all my students feel GREAT when they are in field. I will get all my students to the point where they feel great and they want to be in the field all the time. Imagine how good you would get if you practiced all the time and felt great about it.

Sept. 14- Chicago (1 day workshop)
Sept. 15- Los Angeles (1 day workshop)
Sept. 15- Los Angeles- Brad P, Mystery, Tyler at The Ultimate Pickup Convention
Oct. 26-28 London, UK (3 day workshop)
Nov. 3 New York City (1 day workshop)

Call 702-516-8879 or reply to this email if you have questions. Some of these events are priced as low as $995.
If you have the flexibility and strong desire, there’s also Pickup Mansion. This is the ultimate in feeling good about pickup. Every student is living in a luxury environment, only a short walk from all the Hollywood hot spots. We are starting a new house for students who can only stay a few months, not a full year. Call in to ask about that.

Over the next few days, I’d like to discuss feeling good in the field in my newsletters.

When I think back on when I was learning, I remember that there were some ups and downs, but overall I was feeling great about pickup. I was working on my game 7 days a week. In the beginning the results were awful, but I still felt great about what I was doing.

When I was new, I was getting rejected anywhere from 5-10 times per day, and the rest of the approaches were boring conversations that went nowhere. How was it that I was able to feel good about working on my game?
Well it’s fairly simple.

For starters, I had realistic expectations for my results. I was 27 years old, and I had gone without sex, without women, and without female attention for pretty much my whole life. I didn’t think that was going to change overnight. What I was hoping for is that each day I went out, I would earn a few precious morsels of wisdom that would help me succeed for decades to come.

Let me say that more directly. I wasn’t out for any “overnight success.” I wasn’t looking for any temporary results, or any “lucky breaks.” Getting lucky can get you laid once, maybe twice. What I wanted was the knowledge and skill set to get laid for DECADES in the future. I wanted to get to the point where I never really had to worry about it again. I wanted to know that if I wanted women, if I wanted sex, if I wanted to have a fun chick to hang out with, I could find it whenever I wanted.

So let me ask you this, what are your “precious morsels of wisdom?”
Have you earned any precious morsels yet?
Try to get your focus on the precious morsels of wisdom. This will take your focus away from the fact that you may be lonely and in pain at the present time.
I think a lot of students get sold on the idea of “overnight success” and it prevents them from feeling great about pickup. Think about the long haul. Think about the big picture. Think about acquiring the wisdom that will get you laid anytime you want for the rest of your life.
Come along with me into the field and let’s find that wisdom together. Here’s my schedule-

Sept. 14- Chicago (1 day workshop)
Sept. 15- Los Angeles (1 day workshop)
Oct. 26-28 London, UK (3 day workshop)
Nov. 3 New York City (1 day workshop)

All the time- Pickup Mansion

See ya soon!
Brad P.