Feeling Great about Pickup pt 2

Thu, 30/08/2012

Let’s talk some more about doing pickup and feeling great.

Did you know that you can feel great, even if you get rejected by a girl? You can still feel great even if you get a massive blowout. If you feel great in the field, you will be way more attractive to women than if you feel miserable.
I’d like to suggest a new attitude about blowouts, and a new procedure about blowouts. If you follow this thinking, you can get laid way more, because your positivity will be magnetic.
If you get a blowout, stop what you’re doing and laugh. Tell yourself “Oh that’s funny. She is funny. On to the next one.” Stay where you are, wait a few seconds, then open the nearest girl with the same opener you just used. Say to yourself “No one is gonna stop me from open the way I like to open.”
Don’t run away in shame. Don’t slink away with your tail between your legs. A lot of people have a completely unrealistic view of blowouts. Years ago, there was an idea called “negative social proof.” The idea is that everyone is watching you and if you get blown out, you lose value with everyone around you. This idea is pure BS and it has been disproven in the field for years and years. The reality of the situation is that there is no “negative social proof” except in extremely rare cases when you are surrounded by “inactive observers.” In 99 out of 100 bar situations, people are not “inactive” and they are not observing you. To the contrary, most people in a bar are self absorbed. They are completely fixated on their own life. They are busy thinking about drinking, work, laundry, and a zillion other things. If they get bored, they take out their phone and go on Facebook. They are not watching you. They will rarely notice you unless you address them directly, and they generally don’t give a f*&k about you and what you’re doing.
That’s why I tell my students to just stop and hang out for a minute before moving on. You are allowed to stand anywhere in a bar you want. If a girl tells you “sorry, I want to talk to my friends now,” you don’t have to leave the vicinity until you are ready. You are just as entitled to stand there as she is. She is not better than you, she is not more deserving than you, and you have the right stand stand tall and be proud of who you are, even if this one particular girl is not interested in you at the moment.
When I was new, I got rejected a lot. In the beginning, I was scared and worried about it. After a few months, I barely felt any emotion. That’s when I realized that every blowout makes me stronger. Every blowout makes me laugh a little harder. Every blowout makes me feel the next one even less. Some blowouts even have educational value.
Remember, you are the one who owns your emotions. No one can make you feel bad if you don’t agree to it. You can feel good all the time. No one can make you feel guilty or embarrassed unless you decide to go along with it. You can take the power back. You don’t have to agree with social rules that tell you when to feel bad. You don’t have to agree with people who want you to feel bad. You can put all of that out of your mind and move on to positive actions.
When you get blown out, choose positivity. Reject all negative emotions.
I myself have been blown out in front of paying students, literally hundreds of times in my 8 year teaching career. But I just don’t care. I stay positive.
It’s not uncommon for me to teach a workshop, get blown out a few times, and end up getting a same day lay only a short time later. YES, you can get a blowout and a same day lay in the same night. It happens all the time.
Remember that next time you get a blowout. “If Brad can do it, I can do it.”
I have taught thousands of men how to get laid. In some cases, my students get to the point where there game is better than my game! If they can do it, and I can do it, then you can do it too.

Remember these phrases-
“Oh that’s funny. She is funny. On to the next one.”
“Every blowout makes me stronger.”
“Reject all negative emotions.”
“If Brad can do it, I can do it.”

I have so much more to teach you, we’re just scraping the surface here. Check out my upcoming live events-

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-Brad P

ps- Here’s a review of a workshop I did in Australia.

DoctorDecision at theattractionforums.com
Hi Guys,
I’ve been on a couple of workshops before, so I thought that I was pretty solid with most of
the material out there… this workshop totally changed my perspective on game
and introduced me to a whole new world and style of game (seeing a 1 min. f-close right
before your eyes will do that).
Highlights: Included (1) seeing and hearing Brad P. do a 1-minute toilet F*** close, whilst I
winged the friend [see HIGHLIGHT F-CLOSE below] and (2) doing a take-away with a cute
blonde club floater (who left me her wallet, Driver’s ID, health care card and cash for safe
keeping) (3) doing first Day Game session as part of workshop (4) Doing a thorough indepth
inner game and values analysis (Brad is a qualified Psychologist and Counsellor).
Structure: Brad P.’s workshop is 3/4 in-field training and 1/4 theory, which was beneficial to
me as I have gone on other bootcamps before, and just needed training honing my in-field
Brad P. has a totally different style of opener (“The Shocker”) which I have found 100% more
interesting and fun than the opinion openers I’ve been using. The sets just totally blow open
with hilarity and energy at the end of my openers now. Imagine a DHV, funny neg, cocky
funny and attraction opener in one hit.
He also has a very cool cocky funny method of dealing with s*** tests. I actually look forward
to getting shit tests now… and it works great with those tough witty and sarcastic girls (who
are fabulous in the sack). I use it all the time now, and never ever fail to get a great laugh
and kino when I execute it. I’ve gamed a lesbian couple in Singapore using this, and had the
“bride” kinoing me when her partner was gone because of this (and got invited to her lesbian
wedding next month! haha).
HIGHLIGHT F-CLOSE: If you just want to read how a 1 min F-Close is accomplished, just read
this section!!!
On first night, second set into the evening, Brad and I go to the bar to get a drink. A hot hot
6’3″ bubbly brunette, with awesome rack, grabs a glass and says “you guys better not be
f***ing pushing in… we’ve been waiting ages so get in line!!!” She was seriously very pissed
off. I see Brad pause for a moment… and then *click* game on!
Brad and I swap position, so I am next to the brunette’s (lets call her Big’uns) shorter and
somewhat less sexier friend. The short friend is between Brad and me and Biguns.

Brad goes “You wouldn’t dare… or I’d have to spank your ass… HARD!”. Big’uns holds onto
her frame and actually grabs the glass and points it at Brad. I busy myself talking with the
short friend, while trying to think of the emergency ambulance number, and how to avoid
being glassed (sorry Brad).
I watch Brad move closer to Big’uns, but still standing tall (he is as tall as her… like 6’5″!)
stare at her… and in between my conversion with short friend I hear him say “You’re a feisty
tiger!” or something like that.
Next thing I know, Big’uns has jumped – really, literally! in Australia we call it a Specky, where
a guy jumps over another guy, and puts their knee into the guys back as they do it, during
football games – on top of her friend, and lunges at Brad planting a kiss on him (she’s like
sucking out his mouth). I’m talking to the friend about the weather, and she’s talking to me
about the weather, but we’re both thinking WHAT THE F***!!! hahaha
Brad goes to me “I just gotta go to the bathroom, be back in 2 mins”. Short girl and I go
okay, and I practice kino’ing short girl her while talking about horticulture. 15 mins later Brad
is back, looking happy. I refuse to Hi-5 him.
Brad then goes to me “lets go outside and de-brief what happened, and what I did, because
that was a textbook bathroom close”. We then go outside and “analyse” step by step what
Brad said and did that got the 1 min F-Close. Wow.
Day 1/Night 1 in field – Okay, for you guys still reading, here is what happened the rest of the
time! hahaha We spent only several hours learning “Shocker” style openers, mid-game
attraction routines, attractive qualities etc. before heading in-field.
I have to add here that Brad concentrates heavily on in-field practice, so you may want to
read up in the Magic Bullets or whatever manual before you start (actually, Brad sends you a
recording of his full 6 day seminar and eBook which also covers the necessary theory).
The first night was more an “evaluation” night, where Brad checked our game, demonstrated
sets for us (we were like listening in and looking from 50cm away!), and give us quick
pointers in-set. Day 2 was where we REALLY worked.
Day 2/Day Game/Night 2 – This was a long long day… 16 hours seminar, day game and then
night game.
We spent the first part of the day analysing the previous night, what we did right, what
our sticking points were, and how to fix them and where to develop our game.
Then we went through mid-game attraction routines for sexual escalation, (this section got
me a cute blonde takeaway that night!) and where and what resources we had to develop
our game.

Then after only several hours, we went in-field during the day, doing day sets at the
waterfront. Firstly, Brad gave us a series of exercises to get over our social phobias, then got
us opening sets, with him analysing and giving advice after each set. We spent several hours
in day game, before if got dark, and we all went for dinner and then the night portion.
We went to the same huge club that night, and again started opening sets, with Brad
analysing us during and after each set, telling us what we were doing right, how to improve,
and then open more sets. We had several de-briefing meetings that night!.
I ended up leaving the bar with a cute blonde girl during the later part of the night, so left
the guys to meet them the next day. Basically, I spotted a cute blonde dental nurse sitting by
herself, opened her with Brad’s “Shocker”, then escalated with Brad’s “Cat Routine”
then kino’d her with Brad’s “Let’s play the blender game”…. and took her back to my
apartment… Thanks Brad!
Day 3 – WOW!!! This is were Brad really differentiates from the other coaches. On the third
day, we did a debrief on the previous night, But then Brad started asking questions and got
us questioning our “values”.
Basically, he did a thorough “counselling” session, where he analysed our values, what were
the motivators that made us happy, how to use these motivators to develop higher value as
men, and how to apply this not only to game but to our lives.
We then went through and analysed how these “values” had affected our interactions with
women and relationships, for better or worse, and what we could do about it to develop
better game (ie. develop nturally and subconsciously higher value attitudes, beliefs and
actions). I’m a non-natural gamer, so this has been essential for helping get rid of my
remaining AFC vibe (there’s a limit to fake-it-to-you-make-it). Its also totally changed the way
I approach life and my work in general… thanks.
In the end, I think that my previous bootcamps gave me a solid technique, but I feel that
before I was a bit robotic (running opinion openers, escalating, comfort in 7 hours)… Brad
P.’s workshop puts “flesh” onto your technique. A feel significantly more natural now when
I’m running game and routines. Importantly, I’m having alot more fun now when doing game
(because of Brad’s “natural” cocky funny, naturally high value style of game) and have lost my previous wing dependancy. Thanks Brad.