Feeling Great PUA- Everyone Loves Everyone

Fri, 14/09/2012

Everyone Loves Everyone

If you’ve been reading these emails for a while, you’ll know that I teach a lot of great “hard game” techniques. Hard Game is when you do stuff like:

– Making fun of a woman and teasing her
– Intentionally making her jealous to increase attraction
– Ignoring a woman at key moments
– Breaking rapport at opportune times

These hard game techniques will set you apart from other guys, and they are crucial if you want to attract the hottest women out there.

But….there’s more to this game than “Hard Game.” If you do Hard Game all the time, that won’t work well. You’ve got to have other techniques to balance things out.

So today, I’m going to teach you a vibe you can use to counter balance your hard game. I call this vibe, “Everyone Loves Everyone.”

It’s basically a mixture of friendliness, building commonalities, and over exaggerating connections with people.

Technique 1-Agree with something she says. Get excited about how much you agree.

“You love Canada? OH MY GOD I LOVE CANADA SO MUCH!!…(go into long story aboot canada)”

Anticipate whether she will love or hate something, based on her character, then agree with it instantly.

“Atlantic city? I HATE it. You hate it too? YEAH it SUCKS!! SO SCUMMY! Dirty! Yucky! Never going back again….(lead into long story about Atlantic City).”

Technique 2-Play up commonalities, even if it’s a reach.
“Wait, you’re from Nebraska? My Mom used to tell me bedtime stories about Nebraska. She said the sky in Nebraska was made of gumdrops and magical bits of candy corn. I’ve always wanted to go there.”

Play up real commonalities too. “You have a dog? what is it’s name? I used to have this dog chico, he’d jump through a hoola hoop and do all these cool tricks. You’re a dog person? Me too!”

Play up commonalities that EVERYONE has-
“You like movies? Me too! what kind? Oh yeah I love those! I saw it on TBS.”

Technique 3- Talk about all the people you know and how you love them all.
“I’ve only been coming here for 2 weeks, but I feel like I know everyone here and they are like my old friends. You ever get that feeling?”
“Everyone is so nice in Los Angeles. I’ve only been here 2 months, and people are asking me to come party every night. Man, it’s the most party happy town I’ve ever been to in my life.”

Technique 4- Tell stories.
Start stories with the following phrases: “When I was little…” or “My Mom used to tell me…” or “When I was in high school….”

Technique 5- Handle adversity with joy.
If she says she has a boyfriend, you say “Oh sweet, tell me all about it baby” while doing heavy kino.
If she says “I’m not having sex with you,” you say “That’s a great idea cause then I can finally have a female friend. I’ve always wanted a purely plutonic friend.” while doing heavy kino and sending mixed signals.

Some of this stuff may seem to be ass-kissing, but it’s a good mix with some of the harder game tactics.

Let’s talk about the psychology behind these techniques.

Why is this appealing to women?

Women area always looking for more and more friends, more and more orbiters, more and more social resources. Their hunger for this never subsides it seems. It’s never enough. That’s why they keep building to 123865 friends on facebook. Their instincts tell them that if you can build your social resources, you will always have a backup plan if something goes wrong. You will always be able to regain social value, or get a new guy, or provide for children, or get help taking care of children, or get protection from danger….the list goes on and on.

Some important motivators of female behavior are:

Fear of abandonment- This affects women’s decision making processes all the time. Even little things in daily life are affected by this.

Preservation of relationships- Women try to preserve relationships all the time, even when it seems pointless to men. That’s why there always saying “we can stay friends” after a breakup and “let’s just be friends” when she’s ditching some guy who wants to nail her. They just can’t let it go. They want to preserve and leverage EVERY PERSON THEY KNOW. They want to always have the potential for some social advantage…a backup plan…someone to help her….someone to say good things about her and build her overall popularity.

So when you mix all that together, a lot of girls go ga ga for this kind of a vibe. It makes them feel like everyone loves everyone when you’re around. If you watch closely how women interact with their female friends, they’re always trying to create this Utopia of everyone loving everyone. The Utopia actually occurs for brief moments on Oprah and The View from time to time.

Throw the occasional hard-game tactic in.

Play some hard to get. Ignore her for a while. Then come back to this.

Throw sexual game in too.

And always keep the kino going.

I’d like to show you more about calibrating these techniques. You should come out in the field with me.

Sept. 14- Chicago (1 day workshop)
Sept. 15- Los Angeles (1 day workshop)
Oct. 26-28 London, UK (3 day workshop)
Nov. 3 New York City (1 day workshop)

Here’s a review of a training written by Matt82 at the attraction forums.

Brad P. and LA Phil are the real deal!!! Wow this workshop is far less money than a Love Systems
workshop and at least as good! While the workshop was great there are some things that the
guys need to work on, and since Brad asked us to post an honest review, this will be honest.
Brad P. is phenomenal! I can’t believe how well he delivers lines and converses with females.
He is relaxed, solid, and controls every set he enters. Reading openers and routines in a book
cannot hold a candle to actually seeing a pro deliver the material. I watched him approach a
solid 9.5 who was talking to a bouncer at a local club. When he left the set, the bouncer
actually said to the 9.5 “that guy is the man!” Then Brad walked right over and started
stripping for a Bachelorette party! Unbelievable!
LA Phil is not as good as Brad. He is not as physically attractive either. That being said, it was
quite an experience to see a shorter less naturally attractive person with such solid game. It
really helped to have someone who is successful, but can still relate to mere mortals who
aren’t as advanced as Brad.
On the first night, Brad gave us all two openers, we rehearsed them, worked on body
language and voice tonality, and went out into the field. Within an hour I made out with 4 or
5 girls, one of which I took back to my hotel. By that point I was sold on Brad’s material.
Also, Brad is a fashion expert! On day two Brad took some guys shopping while LA Phil took
me and two others guys out to practice day game. When Brad and the makeover guys got
back, I was shocked! He transformed those guys!!!!
One problem with the seminar was the constant tendency to go off on tangents. These were
always initiated by students, and Brad and LA Phil did a fairly good job of shutting people up
and getting back on track. However, they needed to do more to stay on track. However, I do
understand that there is a fine line between staying on track and offending people who wish
to participate. Keep in mind, this is not to say that the workshop was not fantastic, it just
could have been a little bit better in that respect.
All-in-all, I am 110% satisfied with the money I spent. I set some goals for myself on the last
day, and I am well on my way to accomplishing them. If I could afford it, I would do a oneon-
one with Brad. He is a machine!