LR of the week!

Tue, 18/09/2012

Hey guys,

Brad P. here with a new feature I’m gonna call “Lay Report of the Week.”

The guys in my 30/30 Club are posting these reports constantly. So I figure I’ll start sharing these with the newsletter readers. I’m very proud of the work ethic and the focus going on in my 30/30 Club. These guys are the real deal and they work hard on their game every month. I am proud that my little club has bloomed into such a successful place to learn.

Quick housekeeping issue first-

Due to a technical glitch, a lot of thePickup Mansion applications did not get through to us. If you applied between July and now, and heard no response, your application may have gotten lost. So email and tell Drew that you applied. The Mansion Program is already full for October, but there’s a good chance we can get you in later.

Now on to the LR. This was posted by Alan67. I first met this guy in 2010 at a Lair meeting. He was already doing a lot of self development, and he had lost over 50 pounds! I immediately saw that he ahd the dedication to be a great PUA, and I was glad he decided to join the 30/30 Club.

This is a great report, because Alan is showing that you can capitalize even at non-bar situations like a family party. He also does a great job of using my “rinse and repeat” technique, which is used when a girl is resisting going for it at the last minute.


Whats up guys!

So I met this chick last week when I went to Boston from NY. I met her at a little kids party they were throwing at my dads house.

She around 5’9 thick long hair down to her lower back nice medium sized perky t1tz amazing ass and brown skinned. Lets call her HB Thickness lol…

I go sit next to her and we start talking a bit and she seems kind of shy, so at that point I knew I had to calibrate a lot and we had some normal fluff talk for a good 10 minutes, she started to open up a bit more and started to talk more and I felt like at that point I could joke with her. I started making a bit of fun at her and she pinched me while she was laughing. So thats a good sign to me that she is getting comfortable around me. I start touching her and slightly doing some kino to see how she response and she did not give me a negative reaction so I started to tickle her sides and she laughed and pinched and smacked my arm some more lol.

She took out her phone a few minutes later and I laughed and she was like why you laughing? I replied oh gawd you still on blackberries you need to upgrade girl like in a joking voice. She laughed, I told her I wanted to show her a pic that was on my facebook and she was like Oh….I don’t have you on facebook so i told her ok lets fix that and added my self with her phone to her facebook.

A few minutes later I catch her looking at my pics and reading my status and I tell her omg your already facebook stalking me lol, and she laughed hard I told her ok i think your cool but i need to know how opened minded are you and i did the numbers guessing game well my version of it…

I tell her lets see how much of an opened mind you have about this stuff and she said ok. I told her to pick a number 1-10 and i would try to guess it….. I said 7 and she said omg so close lol. it was actually 8.

I made some bs excuse saying oh you’re open minded but certain things you are very secretive about. This is a technique called a “Female Truism.”

By the way I said it made her look at me like omg…that is soooo true lol…

So I told her it will never work out and she laughed and asked why…(to me when they ask me why here its a hooking point and there interested in me)

She ended up having to leave and S walked her to the car and did not go for the kiss close, I walked back to the party.

So that same night I send her message on facebook saying it was nice talking to you and i am hardly on facebook that we should exchange numbers and before I sent it i received a message sent mine and looked at hers and it was the same exact message i sent her! She told me the same thing so we have been textng back and forth since I had to go back to NYC.

She was telling me that she wants to see me and I got her to send me nude pics so we was sexting for a week and talking on the phone.

I came back this weekend to see my dad again and i spent some time with the chick on sat we made out for the first time on sat and it was soo intense softess juiciest lips i kissed as of yet!

On Sunday we talked more and went to a gathering together and talked and got to know each other I was genuinely interested in her for more than just the sex. I normally have sex 1-3 days of meeting a chick, but i waited a while with this one to get to really know her and build something.

We finally went to her place and we was watching a movie half way during the movie I started to rub her ass and kiss her she got really turned on and i was rubbing her pussy through her pants i reached for her t1tz over the shirt and she was cool with that but when I tried under the shirt she stopped me and said no….its to fast lets take it slow I told her ok.

At this point i though “it’s just last minute resistance, I’ll plow right throw this” 10 minutes later I did Brad’s “rinse and repeat” techique, and Igot further and rubbed her pussy longer than the first. So i reached under bra again and she stopped me lol….

So i said ok underbra is the red zone lmao…She repeated again lets take it slow and I said ok…waited 5 minutes and went for it again this time I super rubbed her pussy and got sooo turned on I kissed her neck and everywhere but I did not touch her t1tz. She then stopped me after 5 min and told me no that she can’t do it that its to early and we should take it slow she even started to cry a few minutes later….this never happened to me so I was like wtf!

I asked her whats wrong and she can talk to me she said well it always turns out to be perfect in the beginning then it always hurts at the end. I talked to her and said ok lets take it slow we don’t have to do anything tonight. I waited like 15 minutes and kissed her again but thats all I did. I was just kissing her.

She then said wait and went to the bathroom came back in her panties and bra. I was like hell yea game over!

We made out I started to kiss her belly and worked my way to her pussy I was teasing my licking her sides and then dove in while sucking on her clit i was playing with her G spot i made her cum twice right then and there. I started to kiss her and she was telling me to f*&k her so i did just that while f*&king her she came again. I put her in different positions then I laid her on her back again. After some time I was ready to explode!

Before I exploded i pulled out and blew my load all over her belly and t1tz lol ….funny because she laughed at that lmao

I waited a few minutes then I made her mount me and she was riding me she came again and I put her on her backside and dove under again and she came again!

She was saying “OMG! Where did you learn this…omg that was amazing! omg your amazing!!”

I told her that was my first time, I am a virgin and she busted out laughing.

Then we laid there and watched the end credits of the movie she had not bra on while she laid next to me!

All in all I think I want to get to know this girl a lot more, she’s cool and fits my liking.
Thanks to Alan67 for a great report!

See ya next time!

-Brad P