Emotional Impermanence PT 2

Sun, 14/10/2012

In the last post, we talked about the concept of “Emotional Impermanence.” For women, the emotion she is experiencing right now in the present is the only emotion that matters. Emotions and thoughts from a few days ago, a few hours ago, or even a few minutes ago will be “stricken from the record” as if they never existed.
A big mistake men make when trying to understand women, is that men expect women to be consistent with previous emotions, previous statements, and previous plans. However, if a woman’s current emotional state does not support these plans or statements, she will act as if she never committed to them and the past does not matter.
When you are learning about dating and pickup, you will experience Emotional Impermanence more often than in other walks of life. This is because the techniques you are learning are designed to create strong emotions in women. We create all kinds of emotions using our techniques, but these emotions have no more permanence than any other emotion she might experience. We must create attraction and positive emotions over and over if we are to succeed with women. Creating attraction once is not enough to score.

Let me give you a few practical examples of this from the real world.

Example 1- Phone Flaking
This is the simplest example. You use your identity and your techniques to get a woman’s phone number on a Saturday night. Perhaps she has been drinking or she is in high state because she is in a nightlife environment. Then when you contact her a day or two later, she is in a completely different state and has zero recollection of the emotions that caused her to give you her number. She decides not to respond, and says to herself ,“Oh I must have gave this guy my number because I was drunk. But I’m not going to respond, because I am not a slut and I don’t give my number out at bars. I only date guys who have been my friend for 3 months or more, and I only date guys who are friends of friends.”

In the 6 months following this thought, she will probably sleep with 3-5 guys who she meets in a bar, because these guys were able to capitalize on the emotion of the moment. She will give her number out 25 more times, and respond to two or three of the 25 men who contact her.

She is letting the emotion of the moment dictate her behavior. On Saturday nights, the emotion of the moment is “I am aroused and I love attention.” On Tuesday afternoons, the emotion is “I am not a slut and I never give my number out at bars.” What separates the guys who score from the guys who get a phone flake? It’s simple. The guys who score know how to capitalize on the emotion of the moment before it goes away and is “stricken from the record.”

Example 2- Attraction Reminder
A friend of mine met a girl 2 nights ago who was a legit 10. She had a boyfriend, but was flirting with him anyway. At one point, she got very interested and started talking about sexual topics. She brought up a few adult websites that she likes to view, and asked my friend if he has checked them out.
She was in high state. She was having a great time flirting. Women love to flirt and talk about sexual topics when they are experiencing the emotion of attraction.

The next day, my friend decided that the website conversation was a missed opportunity, and he decided to text her about that very topic. She found the text message weird and creepy and did not write back.
Now if you didn’t know about Emotional Impermanence, you might say “Why in the hell would she find that creepy? It was her idea to talk about that in the first place!”

Here’s what happened. The girl read the text message and said to herself, “I’m not a slut, and I don’t talk about things like that. I have a boyfriend and I’m not interested in this new guy.”
In reality, she did talk about adult sites. She was interested in this new guy. But you must remember, reality does not matter. The actual events do not matter. Only the emotion of the moment matters. The emotion of the moment trumps reality every time. Emotion trumps facts, figures, reality, past events, previous statements, and pretty much everything you can think of.

I know it’s hard to get used to this idea, but if you can get used to it, you can leverage it to your advantage.
In the next email, I will talk about how to use Emotional Impermanence to get laid and get girls who are “out of your league.” I just want you to absorb this info first, and be sure you’ve got the idea before we move on to the next step.

I try to always space out the information in a way that maximizes your learning. This is one of the core teaching concepts in my workshop and 30/30 Club. Give this post some thought, and I’ll tell you more soon.

-Brad P.