Emotional Imperanance, Last Part

Wed, 12/12/2012

Hey guys
To wrap the topic of “Emotional Impermanence,” I’d like you to consider this. Sometimes women give you their number, then when you text them, they have no idea who you are. What’s up with that?
Is there any greater example of emotional impermanence? Let’s hear from Jake, who has a way to stop this issue before it starts.

We’ve all gotten the whole “Who is this” response from texting a girl. So how can we keep it from happening altogether? I like to preemptively strike the whole texting chain right when I number close the girl. To do this, I simply take her number and tell her…
“I’m texting you right now, did you get it?” Then I text her simply “Jake” or something like “Jake is so hot” or “Jake, the hot guy from sky bar” etc. This allows me to verify her number, then when I text her next, she’ll see my previous text with my name and have a chance to remember me and that i’m hot (small bit of NLP). This way I don’t get a who is this text, and if she wants to ditch me she’ll have to not respond at all, and then i’ve got my answer as to our future. If i’m taking a number and the girl tries to tell me that her phone’s broken or some other bullshit excuse then it gives me a good idea that my sarge wasn’t as solid as it could’ve been. Knowing this information, I can run more material and try again or simply fold my hand and go on to the next set.

Now once i’ve gotten the number and texted immediately, I might text the girl at the end of the night if she’s in-venue dependent and i’m looking for a SNL, or I can text her anytime in the next 1-3 days depending on my personal preference. Some guys like to strike when the iron’s hot and text the next day and others would rather wait a couple days, even a few. I’ve found that both ways can be effective, and there’s really no right or wrong answer here. Just make sure if you get a girl’s number on a Friday or Saturday night that you’re texting her before Friday of the following week at the very latest.


That was a great little article, but Jake has some even better stuff on his blog. Check out this one on social circle (<http://jakepulls.blogspot.com/2012/11/how-to-fuck-yourself-out-of-pussy-guide.html>) game.

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Here’s what one student had to say about the workshop I did in NYC this past weekend.

I can’t thank you enough, man. When you’re cruisin’ along, ‘lower than whale shit’ like I was being divorced and still living with my ex-wife who owns my nuts, there’s only one direction to go. Up. Always kinda figured, in the back of my mind, there’s hope. Saturday night in NYC, with you and The Doctor, was hope incarnate. The penultimate moment was when a drunk bf came up to me with ‘smackdown’ in his eyes. I was chatting up his gf as he was off buying her a drink. Josh ‘ordered’ me to do an alpha move and sit right next to her. Hesitated. He physically pushed me in her direction. Now I did tell y’all not to go easy on me, so that was coming. Bf returned with the drink. Put his palm ON my shoulder! Quickly, showed him I was harmless, smiled, shook his hand, hi 5’d, and.. And….. AND!!……. He gave ME the drink he bought for his gf. And we toasted! WHAT?! Took a sip of that G-d awful drink and then said to them……’If I drink this and start passing out, are the two of you gonna abuse me?’ She just smiled. But he said…. ‘She won’t, but I will, and…… You’ll be enjoying it too!’ DOH! All in all, the guy ended up being a bud and happy that I’m free from the ex. That was a blast my man. I still have a grin plastered on my mug. And you know what else? Got blown out a couple of times, and couldn’t give a rat’s ass. It was funny as hell. I needed those few hours to finally live well.

Really looking forward to more of your seminars, programs, etc. The Doctor was so cool, chill and patient; I’d work with him again in an instant. You’re no slouch yourself, haha. Really, every point of contact I’ve had with your organization has been positive. Linking up with BradP will be the right thing for me. I’ll be signing onto 30/30 within a few days so I can keep moving forward.

I really see the possibilities. They were in front of me all the time. Just didn’t have the nerve, tools, and courage to go forward till the other night. Thank you.

Bill W, NYC
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-Brad P