Emotional Impermanence, Pt 3

Tue, 04/12/2012

 Last night I had a party at my house. One of the women who showed up was so damn hot, I could barely keep my eyes off her.

One problem: She came with someone she was dating.

One solution. Emotional Impermanence.

If you think back to a few weeks ago, I had sent you 2 articles about Emotional Impermanence. It’s an idea that’s hard to get used to, so I asked you to digest it for a while before I give you the final piece.

If you want a quick refresher, you can re-read the first 2 articles HERE and HERE on my blog.

OK, now let’s rejoin the party.

I was able to attract this woman using subtle eye contact, advanced kino techniuqes (these are subtle but deadly), and innocent looking conversation. I used the kind of attraction techniques that you probably wouldn’t notice, even if I was doing them to a woman right in front of you at a party. I learned all these stealth techniques from The Pheromone Kid.

Next, I got some help Jake P, LA’s most deadly pussy assassin. Jake got a good look at the boyfriend situation and told me he thought the guy wasn’t paying attention much. Jake was able to read this guy’s body language and eye contact patterns. I decided that I could probably get this girl up to my room, since there was so much confusion and chaos going on at the party.

I made eye contact with her a few more times, and initiated a fairly boring conversation. After about 30 seconds, I told her “I’m gonna have to discuss this with you in private. Follow me.” I started walking through the crowd towards the stairs that lead to my bedroom. She followed about 15 feet behind. We snuck into my room and had the most amazing make-out and jobhand session.

As the action was beginning, she had a few things to say. “Well, he’s been ignoring me all night.” She was rationalizing what was about to happen. This moment shows how emotional impermanence works.

Remember, the emotion of the moment takes precedence over thoughts, ideas, and emotions that occurred earlier. The first 2 articles I sent you were about how emotional impermanence can spoil your chances of getting laid. Now, I want you to learn about how emotional impermanence can help you get laid.

It helps because if you can gain enough attraction, women will change their mind on all the reasons why they shouldn’t hook up with you. Attraction can be a strong motivator for women. When combined with emotional impermanence, women will choose to hook up with you even when there are many reasons not to.

Here’s a list of ideas, thoughts, and emotions that go away when attraction and emotional impermanence get together to work their magic:

“I have a boyfriend”

“I’m not looking for anything right now”

“I’m too busy”

“Good girls don’t have sex on the first date”

“I’m waiting until marriage”

“Sex is morally wrong”

“If I really like this guy, I should make him wait for sex so he becomes my boyfriend”

Here’s some great news. Women change their minds to whatever is the most powerful idea at that moment. This is information that you can use in so many ways. I think the biggest area where this comes into play is…….same day lays.

Emotional impermanence is par for the course when a woman is going to sleep with you the same day she meets you. There are so many examples of this, I can’t even begin to list them. Literally hundreds of women this year along have gotten nailed by of my students because of emotional impermanence. The 30/30 Club has dozes of Lay Reports that contain emotional impermanence. The Pickup Mansion guys use it all the time, and students in my workshop use it all the time.

I’m going to give you some more examples in the next few days.

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Stay tuned for more on same day lays in tomorrow’s newsletter.

Brad P.