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Wed, 05/12/2012

Today we’re gonna talk more about how Emotional Impermanence can lead to same day lays.

For today’s lesson, I’m going to bring in one of our new coaches, Fadeaway. This guy started in the 30/30 Club as a student 3 years ago when he was only 19 years old. His progress was slow and steady, and he eventually got to the point where he had over 40 cold approach lays! At that point, I had to take a serious look at his game and consider him for a coaching position.

When I hire coaches, I have to make sure I only hire guys who have amazing game, tons of cold approach lays, and have the ability to teach students to be as good as us coaches are. Fadeaway has been teaching by my side for the last 3 months, and has done an amazing job. He will be with me on some of the upcoming trainings.

Los Angeles- Jan 19th

Chicago- Feb 9th

New York City- Feb 23

London (with John K)- Feb 2

CLARIFICATION FROM YESTERDAY- To get the free phone consult, you have to be first guy to sign up for a workshop in that city. 4 will be given away, one from each city on the list above. Call us at 702-516-8879 to sign up, or click above to make sure you are the first to sign up.

Now, on to the lesson. Emotional impermanence can make women do things they would not normally do, but sometimes you have to create that strong emotion which overcomes all logic and previous emotions. In order to do that, sometimes you have to use powerful, shameless persuasion techniques. Sometimes you have to SAY ANYTHING.

The crazy part is that even if you’re saying insane stuff that makes no sense, once you complete the job, women will THANK YOU for making it happen. Seduction is the one part of life where people will actually thank you for being an assh0le and a con man. Here’s more from Fadeaway-


I’ve seen a lot of guys make the mistake of ejecting too early in the set and its always the same excuse: “The logistics were bad.” and they end up ejecting with a phone number that goes nowhere. Do you know how many times this happens to a girl? Than she ends up having to go home and flick the bean.

So what I’m suggesting is not always going for the “Logistically Easy” sets, and sticking it out with the sets that seem to be “Logistically Hard”. When you push through these sets you are going to encounter uncomfortable situations. You are going to get outta your comfort zone A LOT of the time. So instead of taking the easy route and saying “Oh yeah cool I’ll get your number lets talk later!” and than ejecting with a phone number. Burn the set to the ground! You have no time to waste, you want to find out if this chick is in or out, and if shes still standing there talking to you listening to your shit, chances are that she actually LIKES YOU. So don’t be a fool, and eject too early.

Logistics are like what has to be taken care of before pulling the chick. It’s figuring out where you are going to want to fuck the girl at, its figuring out how you guys are going to get there. Does she have a car? Do you have a car? Are you going to pull her behind the bar? Do you gotta steal her away from her group of friends when they aren’t looking? Do you gotta be friend the friends and they all leave together at the end of the night?

These are some examples of logistics. Having a friend of hers enter the set and then thinking “oh shes with her friends…bad logistics!” Is not not bad logistics. Start thinking “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAD LOGISTICS, I CAN HANDLE ANYTHING, BRING IT ON”, and then start taking on challenging sets for the learning experience!! I’ll do this on purpose some times, I’ll take on challenging sets just for the learning experience, and then when it comes time that there is actually a girl there that I like than I’ll swipe her away from her friends, and it’s a lot smoother and effortless because I had to go through a lot of the BS before.

An example of an extreme logistical “tactic” that I’ve pulled off was when I hit up this club out in Hollywood. There was this super hot blonde girl there, totally my type. I approached her immediately and got her in the corner, made out with her. Than she was like “Oh my friends I gotta find my friends” (Logistics: Shes here with friends, must handle friends) Boom. I stop everything i’m doing and lead her to the friends, win the friends over and tell them “Oh we are just gonna grab a drink real quick.” (Logistics:Making the friends believe that what we are doing was totally harmless, and nothing crazy is gonna happen.) Well the friends wanted a drink too, so I took them to the table I was at, and whispered in my buddies ear “Is there a private place where I can bang this chick” and he told me about some bathroom in the kitchen. I took her back there but then we got caught. I knew I had to bang this chick in the club cause she told me she lived with her boyfriend. (More logistics: She lives with boyfriend, have to bang her in club). So as you can see logistics are kinda like driving directions. If someone tells you that one part of the freeway is closed, you’re gonna take the next free way, or if theres traffic than your going to take the streets. Your going to your destination, you are not going to be like “Oh theres traffic, I might as well just go back home.” No, thats not happening, your going to make sure you are driving to whatever place you have to be.

So anyways more logistical issues popped up, like another guy friend of hers getting to the club and taking her to an after party saying I can’t go because he cant bring guys. Anyways, I got her number and texted her to come down stairs from the after party. She snuck me in but I got kicked out. She was with 3 of her girl friends, and they didn’t wanna leave so soon so she said “Yeah we can just hang out another time I got your number.” Me thinking that she lives with her boyfriend, and I met her on a night that everyone is drinking, I know there is no way we are going to meet again unless I fvck this chick. Than she wanted me to wait for her while she parties, it was already like 3am. I was like “hey i’m getting sleepy I’ll wait in your car, give me your car keys.” and she was hesitant at first and was like “I just bought this BMW!” and I was like “but don’t you wanna hang? I’ll just take a nap in your car” She eventually went to get the keys but the friends stopped her.

Dude, I tried EVERYTHING to pull this girl. I felt REALLY good about myself, because I was totally outside my comfort zone PUSHING IT TO THE BITTER END. Instead of giving up and going with an easier girl. Well actually after all this I was like okay fine, and walked outta the apartment complex and made out with some chick on the street, I brought her back to the complex and we were sitting on side on the patio. The chick I was originally was talking to comes down with her 3 girl friends and the player guy, and she waves me over like “Hey were leaving lets go” and I assume that she wanted me to leave with, so I look at the chick I was talking to at the patio, and give her a “sorry but this girl is hotter than you, I gotta go” facial expression. And leave with the girl from the club, I just start walking with them and chatting them up.

I felt like it was the final level of the game, getting back to their place. We were all going there, and the player guy was starting to lose his game because he was DRUNK+COKED OUT. And that caused him to be extremely sloppy, while I got in the front seat with the chick. Anyways we ended up back at her place, didn’t get the chance to bang her cause she was hurting every time I tried to get inside, so I just came on her face and chest, and she bought me chinese food in the morning. I was just super happy the rest of the day whether or not I fvcked the chick because I knew that I did everything I can to pull, and I wasn’t being a pvssy about it. I felt uncomfortable at times, and then the next couple of days pulling chicks were just a lot easier and I got laid all the next week. Settling for phone numbers just seemed like a joke.


Thanks Fadeaway for a great article! Get more from Fadaway at his blog HERE.

See ya soon.

Brad P.