3 Methods for Bitch Control

Sun, 10/02/2013

I remember this one time I had a friend whose GF would occasionally act like a total bitch.

Out of nowhere she would just snap at him, and over time he had learned that it’s better to just agree with her.

She trained him to be submissive and never argue. It seemed to work fine for him, except for one thing.

All of his male friends would laugh at him behind his back. Everyone thought he was a total pussy.

I think you would agree that it’s pretty humiliating when a girl acts bitchy to you, even if your friends aren’t watching.

Today I’m going to give you 3 techniques for “Bitch Control.”

The funny thing is that most women don’t like to act bitchy. They just can’t control it sometimes.

I don’t like to call women bitches, but in this case, I’m borrowing their term.

In woman language, “bitch” is not a person, it’s a temporary state of mind that all women go into sometimes.

Usually when a girl acts bitchy, she will later say, “Sorry I was acting like such a bitch before.”

So I use this term as normal “girl” language.

Women want a guy who has complete control of their bitchy outbursts, and will train them not to have these outbursts ever again.

That’s right, women WANT their bitchy side to be controlled, and they think it’s a man’s responsibility to control it.

Women appreciate a man who knows how to control the bitchy side so they don’t act like that all the time.

So we’re going to learn 3 techniques for bitch control today. Women will thank you for it.

The first technique is something I call “The Dog Whisperer.”

In the dog whisperer technique, youdo exactly what the dog whisperer does on TV.

If you haven’t seen the show you can check out some YouTube clips. What this guy does is make dogs calm and submissive.

You can use the same techniques to make your girl calm and submissive.

Here’s the steps.

1- Verbally put on a Mexican accent and say Dog Whisperer type things, like “I do not let the woman control me. I make her calm submissive.”

2- Physically pick her up and put her on the floor (gently), with her back down and her belly up. Continue the talking.

“I am the pack leader. I like to make the girl calm submissive.”

Then you start touching and tickling her belly a bit, so she starts laughing.

Once she’s laughing she’s not bitch anymore and she’s becoming calm and submissive.

“The Dog Whisperer” is not a technique you should use in a public place, use it at home or at a friend’s house. Also, it’s for women you know and you’re already banging. It’s not for first dates.

The next technique is called “20 Bucks and a Cab.”

In order to train girls, you must let them know that you’re willing to walk away at any time.

One way to do this is to identify undesirable behavior, and then when you observe this behavior repeatedly, you end the date early by calling the a cab and giving the girl 20 bucks for cab fare.

Don’t be angry. Don’t be dramatic. Don’t get all reactive.

Just calmly say “OK I think that’s enough for today, I’m calling you a cab.”

That you call a cab right in front of her and hand her $20 bill. When you get off the phone, go into a different room and close the door.

Sometimes I will make her wait outside for the cab.

When you do this you will see an immediate change in the undesirable behavior. If you do hang out with her again she will treat you a lot better than before.

Women actually like to be around guys who make them play by the rules and make them behave themselves.

I’m going to give you one more bonus tip, called “Counting to 10.”

This can be used in public, when you’re on a date, even if it’s a first date. Again, we are demonstrating the willingness to walk away at any time.

Here’s how it’s done.

You say to the girl “Hey I don’t think this is going so well I want to give you a chance to get out of it if you’d like to go.”

“I am going to close my eyes and count to 10.”

“When I open my eyes, if you’re not here anymore that’s totally fine with me.”

“You can get out of this no questions asked.”

“So here we go I’m gonna close my eyes and count to 10.”

“1…..2….3….4….(quickly now) 6,7,8,9,10.”

If you see her standing up, get up right away and start walking towards the parking lot. Most girls will chase you down and want to continue the date. She will be much nicer now.

A lot of times they back down immediately before you even start counting.

This will teach a girl lesson that she has to behave around she has to be her best self.

If she acts bitchy or she shows undesirable behavior, she knows she will lose you.

It’s a great lesson. If you teach it once, she will remember it forever

Girls are very attracted to guys who are willing to walk.

They love to be with a guy who’s hard to get. They love to be with a guy who makes them behave.

I created these techniques because my students and I tend to date the hottest women in the towns we live in. These women are prone to more bitch attacks than average girls.
If you want to date the hottest girls in your town, you are going to need these techniques sooner or later.

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See you next time

Brad P.