Cross Eyed Guy Bangs 100+ Hotties!

Sun, 03/02/2013

Let me ask you something.

Is there anything about you that you think sabotages your success?

Do you feel like you’re too short?

Do you feel like you’re too fat? Do you feel like you’re too ugly? Do you feel like you’re too bald?

I want to tell you a story about a guy who is completely freaky and weird looking.

In spite of his odd appearance he has become one of the biggest superstars in modern pop culture.

The guy I’m talking about has sold tens of millions of records and I’m guessing he’s probably banged hundreds and hundreds of women.

He’s one of the most recognizable people in the music industry.

The guy I’m talking about is Lil Jon. I want you to check out this photo of Lil Jon. He is completely cross eyed.

Here’s how he presents himself in the media.

Maybe you don’t like rap music or you don’t like Lil Jon, but you can’t deny that this guy has the amazing ability to overcome his natural disadvantages.

If you’ve ever done night game or you ever plan to do night game you will hear Lil Jon. They play his music in every club in America.

I don’t own one album from him, but I’ve probably spent hundreds of hours listening to his music in bars and clubs. Lil Jon is unavoidable. You can’t get away from his music, even if you want to.

The thing that I find even more amazing than overcoming his cross-eyed appearance is that Lil Jon has overcome the fact that he doesn’t really rap much and doesn’t really rap well.

He mostly just yells 3 words.

Check out the video that made Lil Jon a breakthrough success.

Let’s dissect Lil Jon’s success formula a bit.

1- Show the good parts about you. Don’t show the flaws much.
Lil Jon wears shades in every picture he’s in. Check google images. Every single photo has him wearing sunglasses.

2- Play a role or character that people already understand, so no one will question you much.
Lil Jon has created a drealocked pimp character. Most people get it right away and they immediately accept the idea that he is going to create a high-state party vibe with his music.

3- Surround yourself with others who can enhance people’s perception of you.
Lil Jon has a secret weapon. He’s not really a rapper, he’s a producer. He creates the beats and music that Usher sings over in that video. Producers work behind the scenes to create music. Lil Jon used his producer power to surround himself with people who have more legitimate singing talent. It’s a great power play.

4- It is possible to make huge changes in your appearance and they way people perceive you.
Look at those pictures again. It doesn’t even look like the same person. What if he would have just accepted that he is weird looking and never tried to change it?

Think a moment about your identity and your fashion. Do you believe that is possible to make huge changes to the way people see you?

Are you presenting people with something that they can immediately grasp and accept?

It’s got to be SIMPLE. No one wants to think super hard to understand a person they just met.

I talk more about creating simple and powerful fashion concepts in Brad’s Fashion Bible.

It turns out that the simplest concepts are the most powerful, yet they can sometimes be hard to find and implement.
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