How to Kiss a Woman in Under 1 Hour

Mon, 11/02/2013

Today I got a question from a guy who’s learning pick up.

How do you get a woman to kiss you in the first hour?

If you want that, the way to do it is to begin touching her when you first meet her.

You should be touching her during your opener. If you’ve been standing there talking for 10 seconds and you haven’t touched her yet, you’ve waited too long.

Right when you start talking, you should be touching her. Touch her on the shoulder, touch her on the elbow.

When you touch a woman often it tells her that this is a sexual interaction. This is not a friend-zone interaction. This is just a convenient chat with someone for no good reason.

After you’ve been touching her for a little while, take a look at her response. If she’s not showing any signs of resistance, and she’s not running away screaming, it’s probably a good idea to go into stage II of touching.

Stage II of touching is to turn the interaction even more sexual. Put your arm around her. Touch her on her thigh. Touch her hair or touch her neck.

Now you’re in stage II of touching.

At this point she should be ready to be kissed very soon. You’ve just got to be ready for a few rejections.

When it comes to kissing and escalation in general, rejection is a normal part of the game.

Every time she rejects your kiss attempt, she is getting more and more turned on. If she REALLY does not want you to continue, she will take herself out of the situation and go home.

If a woman rejects you, that is not a reason to quit. Just try again 5 minutes later.

She WANTS you to try again.

Keep trying over and over every five minutes until she either kisses you are goes home.

Women like guys who are persistent. Women like guys are aggressive. She’s not going to kiss you first. It just doesn’t work that way.

Women want to get laid.

Women want aggressive man.

If she’s going to get laid, she knows that she has to find the most aggressive guy she possibly can.

If she wastes her time on a nice guy who gives up on the first rejection, she will never get laid. FAIL!

Embrace this philosophy. Be the aggressive seducer. Lead women towards sex every step of the way.
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-Brad P.