How to do PUA Role Playing

Mon, 03/06/2013


Brad P. here with a special article from my
head LA coach, Jake P.
——-Today I want to share with you a simple
technique that’s been my bread and butter for
years in pickup.

This technique can single-handedly gain
attraction with a girl and show marvelous
social skills.

The technique is role-playing, and though
most students can do it after being shown,
many do it in a terrible way that ends up
killing their game instead of making it.

That terrible way that men role-play with
women is from a submissive position, or in a
submissive role.

But first!  Let’s backup a second and explain
role-playing for those who aren’t familiar.
Role-playing with a woman when you first meet
her is introducing a scenario into the
conversation where both of you take on roles
other than what you obviously are (two people
in a bar talking for the first time).  These
roles can literally be anything, and the
role-play can be started in many ways.

Let’s take the horsegirl line as an example.

In horsegirl, we “ask” the girl to take on
the role of the girl who was the weird
horsegirl and we take on the role of the guy
who was always picking on her, etc.  She
knows that we’re trying to start the
role-play situation when we tell her that she
looks just like her, she responds that she’s
not her, then we tell her “Well I wouldn’t
say if it was me or not either… but just in
case you might be…” and then we treat her
as if she was the girl.

The idea of the horsegirl role-play is to
setup a situation that’s fictitious where we
are in a higher value social position than
the girl and a dominant position over the
girl.  We do this because even though a
role-play is fictitious, it still has
real-world implications.

In other words, if I act dominant in a
role-play and she accepts the submissive
role, she’s likely to similar circumstances
in the real world.  Get it?  It’s fake, but
it’s still kinda true too…

Now there’s a problem with this that many
guys learning pickup have.  They learn to
role-play and start making their own
role-plays up, but instead of taking a
dominant position or higher value position in
their role-play, they instead take a
submissive role.

For instance, they might choose to be a
student instead of a teacher, or more
commonly they role-play that they like the
girl instead of that she likes them.  We
should always role-play using a “you want me”

In other words, we should always role-play
that the girl likes us and we don’t know if
we like her, not the other way around.

Read more here on Jake’s Blog.


Great point by Jake.

Let me add some more concrete examples of
role plays you can do with a girl:

teacher student: “Listen here, young lady, if
you want to get an A you’re going to have to
do better than that.”

husband to wife: “Honey, I’ve decided we’re
not having meatloaf on Tuesdays any more. On
future tuesdays you will make pot pies
instead. I know you will miss your meatloaf,
but I’m the man of this house and what I say

and, my favorite…the Santa Claus role play:
“We’re gonna have to have a little talk (pull
her down and make her sit on your lap). This
past year, have you been a good little girl
or a bad little girl? You better be good from
now on or you’re going to get a spanking.”

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See ya next time!
-Brad P.