Balls, Blowouts & Shocked Rock Stars

Mon, 10/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

Here’s a funny story…

When I first moved to LA, I was meeting people and ended up
hanging out with these minor rock stars.

They’d actually sold around 250,000 records and were a hot
new thing in Hollywood.

Anyway, one of my friends was a mutual friend of theirs. And
he had told them, “Oh you gotta see this guy work, he’s the
sickest pro PUA, blah blah blah…”

So they take me to a loud dance club and these rock star
guys are too scared to approach of course.

All of a sudden I charge right on in and slam this hot blond
chick with “Did we have sex last week?”

She HATED it… and blew me out really hard. But hey, it
happens. I treated it like a warm up and kept going.

Then I then did a couple more sets, and was barely through
my warm-ups when these guys wanted to leave to go to some
kind of celeb party.

So we left.

Now, I hadn’t done anything great… a couple of
go-nowhere’s and one massive blowout. But these guys were
fucking BLOWN AWAY and were telling me how amazing I was
with women.

They just couldn’t imagine it was possible for me to hit on
that hot blond and get blown out… but then keep going and
do a few more sets right away.

The blowout was what amazed them more than anything else.

But the funny thing was, I hadn’t even done well. And these
guys were rock stars who could get TONS of pussy… if they
had the balls to approach.

Despite this, they were worshiping me after just 10 minutes
of mediocre approaches… haha.

But the reason they were amazed was because…

1- I had the balls to approach, and
2- I wasn’t fazed by the blowout

You see, to normal people, if you can do JUST those 2
things… you’re some kind of freak of nature.

But anyway, here’s the lesson in this…

When you get blown out or have a few bad sets, PLAY UP the
fact that you don’t care and you KNOW you’ll get one
eventually. This is the magic piece that changes a creepy
guy into a legend.

And keep in mind… this story is proof that “being creepy”
or getting blown out is not necessarily a death sentence or
a night ender.

Bottom line, at least you’re having a go. Which is 100 times
better than these so-called rock gods that I went out with
that night.

And all you’ve got to do to get started is find some
suitable openers.

Luckily enough, I’ve got you covered…

You see my Black Book Method has dozens of world-class
openers that have gotten me a lot of pussy over the years.

The idea is to pick out a couple and memorize them. Then
when you go out in the field, use them on a girl you’re
interested in.

You’ll be amazed how many women will become attracted to

But every second counts, so go check it out now…

Talk soon,

Brad P.