Date Her and Then F*ck Her

Fri, 21/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

We’re all brought up to think that going on a date means…


Well here’s the harsh reality about dinner dates…

1. They’re boring

2. They rarely lead to sex… and usually end up with
courting only.

3. The conversation is usually stiff and awkward.

4. Most women don’t like to be watched while eating.

5. And there’s also the issue of who pays for it.

You see, dinner dates are something that’s been passed down
through many generations.

It’s the accepted norm.

And because it’s so common, it almost feels weird to suggest
anything else.

But considering you’re getting these emails, you’ll agree
the primary purpose of a date is…

TO HAVE SEX WITH HER the same day…

Not a week or a month later.

So that’s where you’ve got to be a bit more creative when
thinking of a place to hook up at.

Ideally it should be somewhere casual, so you can just

This will ensure you’ll both be relaxed and able to have
fun… without having to go through the usual routine on a
dinner date.

Another important thing to consider is the logistics.

How easy is it going to be to get her back to your place? Or
her place?

Cuz there’s no point picking somewhere that’s going to make
it difficult to have sex.

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that your dates go smoothly AND result in sex.

So when you get a phone number or an email address, you’ll
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Talk soon,

Brad P.