Why Fonzie Got ALL The Girls

Tue, 25/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

Question time…

Why did Fonzie get all the girls on “Happy Days” while
everyone else struggled?

It’s because Fonzie was a seducer and the rest were just
average guys.

And here’s what you’ve got to realize about average guys.

Women tend to view them as either potential husband material
or just plain creepy.

If she views him as creepy, he’s got ZERO chance.

But if not, she might put him in the husband category…

And this is where she’ll test him.

She’ll primarily want to see how much CA$H he makes and if
he’s a good provider.

And how willing he is to do as he’s told.

But worst of all…

She’ll keep her legs locked for as long as possible until
she’s convinced he’s the one for her.

This is why you have to realize…

One of the biggest secrets to dealing with women is that
pandering to their likes and dislikes doesn’t make for good

And you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot while
putting her on a pedestal.

So even if you’re looking for a long-term relationship…

Your best bet is to ALWAYS seduce her from the start.


He always took the lead and was in complete control. And the
women respected him as well.

So even if you can be just 25% as convincing as Fonzie was,
you’ll be okay.

And doing it this way gives you choices…

Cuz you can always decide later if you want to get serious
with her or not.

Bottom line… you simply CAN’T lose.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.