Thu, 13/11/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

Here’s a classic quote about failure…

“Your job is to push the pendulum as hard and as fast as you
possibly can on the side of failure. Remember, the key to
success is MASSIVE FAILURE. Go get massive failure. When I
learned this, I went nuts. I became a failure-seeking
maniac. I strategized on how I could get as much failure, as
big and as fast as possible.”

This quote is from business expert Darren Hardy. But the
principles could be used for anything in life, including

In fact, it kinda reminds me of when I got

I was determined to WIN…

And eventually I did.

But I’ve noticed too many people aren’t playing to win…

They’re playing not to lose.

They play it safe and avoid risk at all costs.

But by doing this they sabotage any chance they ever had of
success and remain stuck in mediocrity land.

Look… playing it safe with women won’t get you laid. It’ll
just keep you locked in the friend zone and sexually

Don’t allow this happen to you.

Instead go out and seek massive failure. Embrace it. Learn
from it.

You see, there is a lesson for you every time you fail. And
as long as you can identify these lessons, you should be
able to eventually figure out the shortcuts to success.

But to take it to the next level and master this stuff, it’s
a lot easier to have a mentor to guide you.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.