You Sure You Want To Do THIS?

Sat, 08/11/2014

I’ve come across a lot of students who say they “want to get
married” or “want to have kids” someday.

Nothing wrong with this of course…

But the problem is it’s usually something they haven’t
thought through very well.

You see, they’re convinced it’s what you’re “supposed to

The reason being, it’s what their parents want them to do,
and it’s what most “normal people” do.

So they just file it away as “something I want to do

And from personal experience…

I’ve had plenty of instances where women I’m dating or
family members try to push me into things. Be it marriage,
kids, or some kind of other long-term commitment.

But I always tell them, “If the time comes when I feel the
desire for that, I’ll investigate it at that time, and make
my decision accordingly.”

You see, I’m not going to blindly jump into some HUGE
LIFE-CHANGING EVENT, just because that’s what other people
are doing. Or because that’s what my parents did.

Hell no.

Instead, I’m going to figure out the pros and cons, the
risks and rewards, and then make a decision accordingly.

The people that pressure you about this stuff are usually
NOT looking out for your best interests.

Instead, they’re looking after their OWN best interests, and
you’re just a means to an end for them.

Yes, even your parents don’t give a crap about your best
interests when it comes to this topic. They just want
grandchildren and you’re the way to get them.

So to sum up…

I’m NOT trying to turn anybody off marriage. I just want you
to be aware of what’s going on around you… and to think
about if it’s REALLY what you want.

Talk soon,

Brad P.