4 Step Formula To Cure ONEITIS

Wed, 24/12/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

This can drag you down into in a pit of regret and misery if
you let it…

I’m talking about guys who’ve had a failed relationship and
STILL suffer from ONEITIS…

They agonize over text messages wondering what their next
move is with her.

But here’s the problem with this behavior…

It gives her ALL the power, and turns you into a weak needy
man… that repels her even more.

So what can you do about it?

You can turn the tables by making her jealous instead.


Transform yourself into a man that naturally attracts other

Firstly, it stops the perpetual cycle of self-pity, and
enables you to start enjoying life again.

And secondly, it’s far more likely to trigger her into
wanting you back if she notices you’re now in demand.

Now, obviously there’s no need to take her back if you don’t
want to…

But the point is… by dedicating your life to this woman,

The key to it though is to start thinking abundant

So if one pair of legs closes, it’s time to find another.


Follow this 4-step formula and you can’t go wrong, my

1. Immediately delete her number from your phone and stop
thinking about her all together. She’s history.

2. Then start getting out and about and socializing. Look
for women that interest you and start talking to them.

Don’t be outcome dependent or worry about getting them into
bed. Just talk, have fun and make them laugh.

3. Rinse and repeat step 2. This is the best way to forget
about your ex and start thinking about other girls you’re
keen on.

4. Give my 30/30 Club a trial run.

It’s the fastest way to learn how to naturally attract

You see, the 12-month program will completely transform you
into an assertive guy who women want to be around.

You’ll no longer be outcome dependent. And you’ll be able to
pick and choose which women ARE WORTHY OF BEING WITH YOU.

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Until next time,

Brad P.