Don’t Fall For THIS Evil Trick

Wed, 10/12/2014

Hey it’s Brad P,

You might remember me telling you this recently…

* Stop being an orbiter
* Think of all your “female friends” you’re SECRETLY trying
to nail
* Delete their numbers and unfriend them on Facebook
* STOP the “befriend and date” strategy
* Replace it with a strategy that will actually produce

Well, this video illustrates my point nicely, which is as

Some women will INTENTIONALLY trick you into being their

Yes, she’ll lead you on and make you think something is
going to happen.

And when pressed, she’ll freely admit she KNOWS her male
friends want to date her.

But despite this, she won’t hesitate to mislead you.

Coz most attractive women intentionally surround themselves
with men they’re NOT interested in…

And will NEVER date or fuck.

You see, some women believe they are “so cool”, men would
WANT to be their friend (even with ZERO hope of ever

It’s completely delusional.

But deep down, they know the only way to be popular and have
male friends is to mislead them into thinking they have a
chance of fucking them.

So it’s now standard operating procedure for women to lead
men on.

That way they can use them for favors and resources… And
then crush the man’s dreams when he does finally make a

We’ve all had that happen to us before at some stage.

But you know what’s crazy…


So, I’m telling you its time to wake up…

Coz it’s not going to happen.

Your female friends are NEVER going to date you.

So here’s what I suggest you do instead…

Give my 30/30 Club a trial run.

It’s a 12-month program that will remove your “nice guy”
programming. And also turn you into an assertive and
confident man… that women are attracted to.

You’ll end up being so busy having sex, the friend zone will
just be a distant memory.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.