Blow me or Blow me out

Mon, 16/02/2015

Everyone is going to get blown out at some point. I
don’t care how good you are; no one can pick up every
girl every time.

There are all kinds of women out there. Some are
compatible with you and some are not.

The goal should be this: to find out as quickly as
possible whether this girl is what you’re looking for.

There are 3 initial possibilities when you do an

Attraction, blowout, or the 20 minutes go-nowhere set.

Obviously attraction is the best option.

But what about the other 2?

I’d rather get blown out. Getting blown out gives me 20
minutes of my life back.

Now, let’s talk about the right way to blow out and have
it work to your advantage.

DO NOT: Get all upset and walk away with your tail
between your legs.

DO: Treat like a normal thing, where the girls did you a
favor and saved you some time.

What most guys do is get embarrassed.

Remember, from a few feet away, a blowout doesn’t really
look like much. All it looks like is people who know
each other talking, then one or both turn their
attention to something else.

So when it happens:

Don’t push. When they say “Nice meeting you” or
whatever. Just say “Nice meeting you too.”

Then stay right where you are. Check the room for your
next set.

To any bystanders, this just looks like you were done
talking. It doesn’t look like rejection.

Do not even stop to think. Just turn directly to your
right and immediately open the next girls you see with
the exact same line you were just using.

This prevents you from starting a cycle of negative

For the complete system on how to be fearless and
approach the kind of women you really want, check out
my complete Black Book Method

You’ll be glad you did.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS- When you just open a new set, the same line (that
you just got blown out on) can work fine on the next set
of girls. That’s why I always say, BLOW ME OR BLOW ME