How Fat Chicks Can Improve Your Game

Fri, 20/02/2015

After teaching pickup for several years, I’ve seen my
fair share of guys who read pickup tips and then don’t
try any of it.

It’s the paramount problem that prevents guys from

It’s a vicious cycle.

They can’t get women because they don’t have a lot of

They won’t get any balls until they go into the field.

They can’t go into the field because they’re too scared
of what might happen.

The solution to this issue is to make the field more
attainable to newbies. In order to get to this goal,
let’s go against a few of the core pickup values

Here are the 2 easiest settings to socialize in:

1- BBW Parties

What’s a BBW, you might ask? Well it’s a politically
correct term for “fat chick.” BBW stands for “big
beautiful woman.” There are organizations that throw
weekly or month parties for BBWs and their gentleman

In many ways, they respond the same way a normal woman
would respond. So it’s really good practice. If you can
get good at gaming BBWs, it’s a small leap to being able
to game average girls.

2- Goth Clubs

The Goth scene is full of people who have trouble
socializing and want to break out of this issue and
build relationships with others like themselves.

In someways it’s inspirational. The Goths have turned
social isolation into a virtue.

People in the Goth scene are extremely friendly and
accepting of others.

And hey, you could hook up with a hot goth chick in
a black corset. Just saying.

Even if you’re scared to death of social situations,
you’ll probably do OK in these 2 settings.

I hope this helps you make the first small step towards
becoming more social.

And hey, if you want to sort through the challenges
put in front of newbies (they are not all your fault)
check out my free report The Forbidden Truth.

It’ll put you on the fast track to pussy.

Talk soon,

-Brad P.