Miss This And It’s All For NOTHING…

Tue, 03/02/2015

There’s one final piece, one finishing touch, to getting
damned good at pick up…

…And if you miss this part, all the rest of it will
have been for nothing.

You’ll be banging you’re head into a wall, frustrated,
like some guys who have written me recently.

You need to make CHANGES. Big changes.

So let’s say you got out and took action. Your getting
out there every night, doing approaches.

Good for you.

Here’s the critical part:

You need to be making changes as you go.

And here’s a hint that the engineers here already know…

Bigger changes means a bigger result.

Small changes mean small results.

Big changes – like changing the ay you view rejection –
means you’ll get a big result.

So here’s my magic formula, in a nutshell…

After 50 approaches or so, you evaluate. Figure out how
many rejections you get, do the math, and make the changes.

For example:

If you start with 80% rejections and you make changes
that get you to 60% rejections; that proves that the
changes are working. Solidify them for a few days, and
then bring in a new batch of changes.

If the rejection rate goes up to 70% new changes are
bad. If it goes down to 50% new changes are good.

You basically repeat this process until you are happy
with your game.

Without rejection we have no way of knowing if our game
is getting better or worse.

THAT is why it’s so important not to be afraid of it.

Rejection is your friend. It’s helping you improve.

Embrace it.

Talk Soon,

Brad P.

P.S. If you want top coaches to walk you through this process
and help you stay accountable, check out 30/30 Club.
There’s really nothing else out there that can get you stellar
good in a few months.