Kid Who Could Only Get Hookers Sleeps With 20 Girls

Tue, 31/03/2015

I’m sharing with you an awesome success story from my
30/30 Club.

I want you to read it because it’s fucking awesome and
it is a real life example of what is possible for YOU.

His handle on the forum is Strelok:

“Hey everyone, I am currently in Month 9 and slept with
20 women since joining the 30/30 Club.

I am currently 33, and. Prior to stumbling onto this at
the age of 32; I was a typical clueless loser.

In my twenties I had sex mostly with hookers.

At 30 I met my dream girl. Model looks and smart. So
of course I got needy and was shocked when she stopped
talking to me.

I needed to figure this dating thing out ASAP!

That’s when I found dating materials on the Internet.

After reading trough some of it, I went out and got

The first night I cold approached a girl and ended up
fucking her.

I got first hand proof that this stuff works.

Then I joined 30/30 Club and started learning things
in the correct order, and my game took off like crazy.

It was a wild ride! I fucked 4 new girls off cold
approach in Month 1 alone!

I couldn’t fucking believe it! Then I got 2 new lays in
Month 2, 4 new lays in Month 3 and 4 new lays in Month

As of today, I fucked 20 new girls while in the 30/30

And not a single one did I pay for.”

My thoughts:

I do not know what comment I could possibly add to this.

It is a perfect story to prove how powerful 30/30 Club is.

You get some good solid material to study, you get a
plan of action, and you do it.

It works when you work it.

Isn’t it about time you did just that?

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – You can read more of Strelok’s adventures in the
30/30 Club forum thread here…

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