Picking The Exact Right Car To Get Laid

Wed, 04/03/2015

What kind of car should you drive if you want to get
laid and be a pussy magnet?

Who cares?

It doesn’t really matter.

Game matters.

AFTER your game gets sorted out, things like car, living
situation and how they fit in with your identity and
fashion start to become important.

How all that stuff fits together is called

So to put it simply, if you have no game it DOES NOT
matter what car you drive, it won’t help you even 1%.

That being said:

If you have some good game, car and other integrated
pieces can help a bit here and there.

I myself bought a car that got me a surprising amount of
attention from chicks, and I have been able to translate
that into results since I have good game on top of it.

A cool car is good for RETENTION most of all in my
opinion. When you have a girl around for a while, she
starts to dig those little things about you.

When I first moved to LA, my friend here told me girls
dig guys with old classic cars.

So I bought a 1962 Oldsmobile Cutlass. It was a great
move. The car had a shitload of personality.

To me the perfect car to drive for a pickup guy is
something old and weird that is far from perfect, maybe
has a few pieces missing here and there, and looks like
a work in progress that’s 80% done.

In the classic car world they call this a “20 footer”
cause it looks good from 20 feet away. Just be sure you
have the patience to deal with it and a mechanic who is
OK with working on something like that.

And it sure as hell beats driving a small efficient
compact like a Volt or an Accord.

When you drive something like that it look like you
borrowed your little sister’s car.

Lifestyle integration like cars and your living space
are a little bit more advanced dating concepts. If you
want the complete story, check out my Underground
Dating Seminar.

It’s the ultimate, comprehensive collection of dating
advice and information, all in one convenient place.

Talk soon,

Brad P.