This Blew My F*cking Mind…

Thu, 09/04/2015

Once, at an exclusive VIP party, I witnessed something
that changed my life forever.

I call it “the incident”.

Here’s how it went down…

During a night out, a mutual friend introduced to this
guy called Buzzy.

I’d been told this guy was so good at picking up girls;
he was kicked out of Tommy Lee’s (yes, THAT Tommy Lee)
dressing room for stealing all of “Tommy’s girls”.

So, I decided to hang out with the guy for a bit, just
to see what the deal was.

Anyway, long story short… we went out together one
night to a special VIP party. This place was huge, and
it was packed with stunning hot girls.

After a while I noticed Buzzy had disappeared.

A couple of hours later he comes back with two scorching
hot girls on his arm…

Both of who had the telltale signs of having just
finished a marathon fuck session.

As he later confirmed, Buzzy had a piece of each of
them… all to himself.

Not to mention he finished by grabbing both their phone
numbers, so he could hook up with them again.

And after spending a little more time with him, I
realized “The Incident” wasn’t just a fluke. In fact,
Buzzy had a knack of doing it on a regular basis.

In fact… it became so common that I HAD to ask him
what his secret was.

At first, he was evasive about it. He kept telling me he
was worried if his methods “got out” it’d be a lot
harder for him to make the magic work.

Maybe he’d have competition from other guys…

Or even worse, some of the girls he was approaching
might be onto him.

Once I convinced him that wasn’t going to happen (or, as
he says, wore him down with sheer persistence), he
“spilled the beans” on what he was doing to get so many

I FINALLY convinced him to share his methods.

You’ll learn everything I picked up from Buzzy and see
just how simple it can be to have a hottie under each
arm in no time.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS- I learned there are 6 possible ways to put together
a threesome – and which one you should start with when
planning your first threesome. And the best
part… You can get your girlfriend to do all the work!