A Sure Sign the Conversation is Going Well…

Tue, 26/05/2015

Happy Tuesday gentlemen.

I’m busy at work in the office making final preparations
to launch my new online dating product, which is going
to absolutely blow you away.

Hopefully we’ll have it by the end of the week.

I was just having a conversation with one of my students
who has really been getting out and doing a lot of
approaches lately.

He’s kicking ass.

He asked me what he’s doing wrong because he feels like
he’s doing most of the talking during these

I told him that it’s very likely there is NOTHING wrong.
Then I gave him a refresher on the 90/10 rule.

The 90/10 rule means that YOU are talking 90% of the
time and the girl is talking 10% of the time.

If that ratio is occurring early on in your approaches
you are doing GREAT.

If she is talking less than 10% of the time, that’s not
good cause it’s like you’re lecturing her.

But girls tend to not talk at all sometimes, so you have
to ask a question, or get her to agree with something
just to get her to hold up her 10%.

If you don’t know about this rule, you might sometimes
be feeling like you’re not doing well because the girl
isn’t talking much (just like my student who called me
this morning).

But that’s not the case.

So how do you know if you’re doing well?

She’s still standing there listening. If she doesn’t
walk away, chances are you’re doing fine.

That is a USEFUL assumption, even if it’s not always
true, because it will make you project confidence.

Besides you couldn’t spark massive attraction if SHE
were doing all the talking.

So that’s the 90/10 rule: You talk 90% of the time; she
talks 10% of the time.

Got it? Good.

Have trouble knowing what to say when you’re doing all
that talking?

Everything you need is in my Underground Dating Seminar.

It’s my most comprehensive program for becoming a dating
and seduction master.

Talk soon,

Brad P.