The Solution To The Biggest Problem Men Have…

Mon, 11/05/2015

Do you know what is the oldest dilemma men face when
they approach women?

This may seem obvious, but they ask themselves “What the
hell do I talk to her about?”

I mean there she is looking hot, making your heart pound
and you want to get over there and get to work on her

But you’re also about ready to have a panic attack
because you have no idea what to say.

That, my man, is why we have ROUTINES.

When you get a good routine down, it can give you as
much conversational power as massive life experience.

(For those of you who are new around here, routines are
canned scripted conversations that we have prepared to
use when we’re talking to women.)

When you can really act out a routine and own it, it can
become a part of your identity.

It’s kind of like building a character in an acting

Just sink in and act and it really does become a part of
your identity.

So if you don’t have a super exciting life to talk
about, routines can catapult you forward like nothing

Here’s the thing about making them work for you:

Unlike rehearsing for a play or an acting class, it
doesn’t do much good to recite or rehearse them to
yourself before you go out.

A lot of guys I coach want to practice them in front of
a mirror, like an actor rehearsing a scene.

In my experience, that never does much good.

I mean you need to get familiar with it, but then the
only real way to dial it in is to do them in front of

If you can get a few good routines down, you will have
lethal conversation skills in almost no time at all.

If you think this might be of benefit to you, check out
my Underground Dating Seminar, where I give you
dozens of powerful proven routines.

If you haven’t gone through it yet, I would strongly
suggest you take a look.

Awesome conversational skills are the foundation of
social freedom.

And hey…you’re gonna learn all new uses for routines
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You’ll be able to employ ultra powerful routines on
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Stay tuned…

Brad P.