What Happens When You Get Too Much Sex Too Soon…

Mon, 18/05/2015

I have seen men go from completely inept with women to
scoring 9’s and 10’s in a matter of months.

It’s amazing what is possible with a good teacher and a
student willing to do some work.

But there is actually a dark underbelly to super-rapid

…Believe it or not, sexual performance issues. The
guy makes RAPID progress and then gets with a hot chick
and barely gets a half boner or none at all.

I’ve worked with a lot of guys closely in 30/30 Club
over the years and here’s what I’ve noticed:

Some guys will come in and they’re virgins or coming off
of a long dry spell. Then, they follow the 30/30
curriculum and find themselves getting laid WAY faster
than they ever expect.

High quality problem, right?

The thing about it is, there’s no lead up and no getting
mentally prepared. It’s literally just sex, sex and
more sex. And there’s no way to stop it. (Very high
quality problem)

The thing about 30/30 Club is that it sets loose an intense
social magnetism in men, and sometimes they get the
amazing response and sex from women, before they’re
even ready for it.

It’s the social equivalent of going from 0-60 in like,
one second.

“Too much too soon” seems to be the theme of a lot of
the “impotence reports” I have read, where the guy gets
the girl super attracted and super horny, but then can’t
quite deliver.

It’s a great problem to have, because it means your
doing everything else right to get women attracted. And
once you handle the boner problem, you’re off to the

I took the time to interview an expert on the subject.
I asked her what causes this and what we can do about

Here are the main points she emphasized to me:

1.) A man has to be in a pretty good state of mind
overall to make it happen with a brand new chick. He has
to be feeling good about himself, about her, and about
the situation. There’s lots of weird things that can
throw a guy off, such as:

“This was too easy,”
“I don’t deserve this girl, she’s too hot,”
“I deserve better, she’s not hot enough,”
“Sex makes you a bad person,”
“I’m still not over my ex”…. you get the idea.

2.) Fatigue and stress don’t help either.

3.) Unless you are older, or have a medical problem, you
are having performance issues because you’re psyched out.

It’s all mental.

The solution:

My friend David Shade is known everywhere as the worlds
foremost renegade sex expert.

For years he has taught his clients to do incredible things,
giving women wild screaming orgasms.

Several of his guys have had issues with sexual performance
so David researched the issue and got to the root of the

He put it all in his book Sexual Power, along
with the definitive solution for any guy dealing with this.

If you’re boner can’t keep up with your game, this will
straighten that right out, pronto.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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