Famous Rapper Figures Out Cause of Approach Anxiety…

Tue, 30/06/2015

The famous rapper, Ice-T, says manhood is dead. And he
has a point.

My friend, David Shade, just sent me this article and
it’s fascinating…

It’s an interview that The Guardian did, about a year
ago, with Ice-T, talking about some interesting lyrics
from his latest album “Manslaughter”.

When he was asked about the reference in his lyrics
“manhood’s dead”, Ice replied:

“I think right now you’re dealing with the pussyfication
of the male sex. Men are just being so passive, not
standing for something; they’re very politically

He further explained:

“One of my buddies told me, ‘For you to be a man, a
bitch has definitely taken a position.’ If you’re with
your girl and you’re like, ‘Where should we park? I
don’t know…’, she’ll be like, ‘Park here!'”.


This is worth looking at because it shows us what were
up against out in the field creating attraction with

Women have gotten used to being in the power position
and having their men basically turned into big pussies.

A lot of girls now have that as subconscious expectation
before you even talk to them.

I’m not going to get into the specifics of what makes
them that way (raised by single moms, feminism,
political correctness, whatever…), the fact is that
it’s real and we can all observe it in reality.

Men have gone soft.

Think about the terror that some of you guys feel when
you’re approaching a girl to open her…

…Have you ever thought there was actually something a
bit wrong with that?

I mean, she’s just a girl, not a lion that is going to
eat you!

…And before you get all defensive, relax; I’m not
blaming YOU. This is just the result of social
conditioning, the media, and all those other things that
I don’t have time to go into in something as short as an

I’m just pointing out that it’s real, and it’s a problem
we need to FIX.

Consider this:

Back in the 40’s, you didn’t have dating coaches. You
didn’t NEED them.

If a guy was into a chick, he sucked it up and asked her
out. If was afraid, his buddies busted his balls until
he sucked it up and asked her out.

They didn’t always get the girl, but they didn’t waste
time talking about “approach anxiety either” they didn’t
know what the hell that was.

…Or at least they didn’t have a name for it. They
just pushed through it.

And the World War II generation grew up, got manly, had
kids and life went on.

Today, it’s a totally different story. Kind of a

There seems to be a big distinction between “haves” and
“have-nots” when it comes to getting pussy.

Hence the need for the dating industry and coaches like
yours truly.

And if you’ve read my report “The Forbidden Truth”, you
know the biggest problem for guys learning dating is too
much studying and lack of field time.

Frankly it’s because they’re AFRAID of women;
specifically of being rejected by women.

It’s that pussyfication that Ice-T is talking about. It
makes everything ten times scarier.

Upon reading this article and reflecting on the state of
manhood in America, I think we do a little bit more than
just teach men to get laid…

…We teach guys to take their balls back and be men

Sometimes, above and beyond success in your dating life,
it feels good to have a sense of identity and strength
as a MAN.

That’s what social freedom will get you.

Many of my clients, who initially came to me to get good
with girls, have said that the best part of the whole
journey was finding their confidence again.

For some of my clients, they’re getting back confidence
they have long since lost.

For others, they’re getting a sense of social freedom
for the FIRST TIME.

If you think you may be one of the pussyified men that
Ice-T is talking about, and you haven’t begun turning
things around, check out Secrets of Inner Game.

This foundational program is designed to help you
reclaim your inner badass and sets the foundation for
truly being a dominant strong sexual leader that no
woman would ever call a pussy.

Talk soon,

Brad P.