How I Almost Banged a Lesbian…

Wed, 01/07/2015

The online dating product is looking sweet. I think
you’re gonna love it. Not long now…

I was doing some editing on it and looking through one
of the dating sites and saw a picture of a hot blonde
that reminded of a really funny story.

It’s about a girl I met in a club a while back…

She was slim, blond, and in her early twenties.

Pretty hot…

I noticed her as I was having a conversation with a
group of people.

She was checking me out and making eye contact… while
chatting with another girl, whom I had assumed was her

So I thought, “what the heck… I’m gonna walk over and
introduce myself”.

I was in a good mood, so I thought I’d try my “horse
girl” routine on her.

Now… if you don’t know what the “horse girl” routine
is, it’s basically a little speech that suggests she
looks just like a girl I used to tease in school.

You can find it (and many other similar routines) in my
Black Book Method.

But anyway, I run through the routine, and she’s burst
out laughing to tell me…

“I hate horses… I got kicked in the leg when I was 11,
and it fucking hurt.”

Then she lifted her skirt slightly to show me the scar
on her leg, which was quite large.

Interesting… I was starting to really like this girl.

We were getting along well and the conversation was
flowing NICELY.

So, about 15 minutes later, I was convinced I was going
to fuck her. The look in her eyes confirmed she wanted

I sensed the timing was right, so I asked her for her
number… and she instantly agreed… without a second

So, she’s handed me the number and I’ve thought to
myself “hang on, I’m gonna check if this is a fake

I whipped out my cell phone and told her I’d give her a
call… so she’s got my number too.

As the place was really loud, I couldn’t hear if her
phone was ringing or not. But I could tell by the look
on her face… she’d given me a bogus number.

So I’ve said to her “well, are you going to answer it?”

She’s smiled and said, “Okay, you got me… I gave you a
fake number because I’m a lesbian and this is my
girlfriend… sorry if you got the wrong idea… I just
thought it would be easier this way.”

Well, I’ll be damned…

My instincts were way off track, and I would never have
guessed she was a lesbian.

Usually I can pick them a mile away.

Moral of the story – no one gets it right EVERY TIME.

Don’t focus on your mistakes…

Just dust yourself off and move on to the next girl.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – If my Black Book Method almost got me in bed with
a lesbian, imagine what it will do for you when you use
it on a girl who’s NOT a strict “vagitarian”.

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PPS – Can’t help but to wonder how she would have
reacted if her girlfriend wasn’t standing right there.
Maybe she was ready swing to the other side for a night
and take some dick.

Now that would be a story.