Is this Guy SERIOUS?

Fri, 21/08/2015

So I just got a funny question from a reader:

He sent me a picture of his faux 1933 Rolls Royce Le
Mans Competition Roadster.

You can check it out here:

Try this:

His question to me was, “Hey Brad, is this car a chick

If you’ve been following my newsletter for any length of
time you probably already know the answer…

You NEVER rely of things or status to get you women. It
never works.

But if you actually HAVE an expensive or uncommon car,
consider this:

It depends how you use it.

Thee best way to leverage a car like this to girls is to
not make a big deal of it. Don’t tell them about it.

And if and when they find out about it, then they might
ask to go for a ride.

You answer, “Nah I don’t let girls ride in it. It’s a
man thing”…

…Then she will make it her mission to win you over and
get a ride.

A good rule of thumb is that you don’t give any women a
ride or let them sit in it unless you’ve already fucked
her 5-10 times.

If you just show it off all the time, chicks will think
you’re a douche.

If you are too quick to give them a ride, they will get
bored. They will use you for some cool pictures for
Instagram and put you in the friend zone at best.

Some girls will just take the ride and never talk to you
again because they find this “hey want a ride” guy to be
submissive and sleazy.

Using a car to pick up girls is something girls are
aware of and they find it to be wimpy and short sighted.

Nice cars ALWAYS fail when it comes to getting girls,
and this is the reason why.

Talk soon,

Brad P.