This is What I REALLY Think…(The Truth)

Tue, 18/08/2015

As a lot of you guys already know, I have taught many
seminars, over the years, and had guys attend who knew

…ten times more THEORY than me.

They’d been around the seduction community, and bought
every eBook and guru product that they could get their
hands on.

But here’s the thing…

…I was getting laid ten times more than any of these
well-read guys.

I call guys like this “keyboard jockeys”.

They buy the eBooks and they’re active in the forums,
but when they get out in the field (if they get out in
the field) they FREEZE.

They literally sweat and tremble at the though of
talking to a woman.

There is little correlation between how much theory you
know and your ability to get laid.

Read that last line a couple more times.

The guys who have the balls to “go and get it” will
succeed while the guys who know lots of theory will be
watching from the sidelines.

It really comes down to having the BALLS to just go and
do it!

Having theoretical knowledge of seduction may be 5% of
the battle. The rest is APPLICATION of fundamentals.

So you learn the fundamentals, muster the courage to
just get out there and do it.

That’s what it takes to succeed.

What are the fundamentals?

1. Social courage (balls)
2. Identity
3. Determination
4. Frame control
5. Body language
6. Voice Tone
7. Discipline
8. Positivity
9. Image/Appearance
10. Genuine Sexual Intentions

With all of this in place, a LITTLE BIT of theory will
take you a long way.

It may look like a lot but when you put it all together
and get just the right information, in the right

…And in bite sized pieces you can actually use…

Then it will click and you will be pulling all the pussy
you can handle.

I put together a FREE report called Forbidden Truth.

It’s separates facts from fantasy and gives you the
exact roadmap you need stop wasting time and get focused
doing EXACTLY what you need to do to get laid.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.