Thu, 03/09/2015

Have you ever wondered why we don’t just all order
Russian mail order brides?

I mean they’re hot, you can browse for one you like
right on the website, and they just seem to love
American men…

…And we wouldn’t have to work so hard on learning

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Read this letter from Alan:

“Hi Brad,

“I try these Internet dating sites, but it’s so
frustrating and I don’t have the time or energy to write
letters and get rejected all the time. The only women I
get interest in are women who I am not attracted to and
they look like they could be my mother.

“When I go on foreign dating sites, it’s a totally
different story, so I am totally confused.

“Women of all ages are very interested. Crazy!”

…Not so fast Alan.

You see, here’s the reality:

You are being CONNED.

Women on foreign dating sites only want a green card.

They will marry you and stick around until the green
card comes, then they will be gone the next morning when
you wake up.

That’s their plan.

There is no attraction at all. They are playing you to
get something they need.

You would be surprised how many men fall for this.

So why am I bringing this up?

This is a perfect example of how A LACK OF SEX WARPS

When a guy isn’t getting any, he starts to get

Then all kinds of crazy shit happens.

He starts to see interest where there is none.

Girls who are just using a guy seem sincere, mainly
because he’s desperate and WANTS to believe it.

That’s the brain warpage at work.

Then he ends up chasing a bunch of pipe dream fantasies
with women who have no interest and ends up frustrated
and horny.

You want to know how to climb out of this hole?

The answer is to fuck a woman.

ANY WOMAN, of any age, of any hotness level, to snap you
out of it.

And then from there you start climbing the ladder to
more quality women.

Hell, if you’re in a real fix, you may want to just get
some in 10 minutes or less. Take a look at my program,
10-Minute Seduction.

If you can’t spare 10 minutes to seduce a hot woman,
then I just don’t know what to tell you!

Talk soon,

Brad P.