My Simple Secret for Getting GOOD

Mon, 14/09/2015

There are a ton of dating courses on the Internet.

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what you
should study.

Maybe you’re studying openers. Then you’re on the
Internet and you find something about inner game, and
then another thing about sending sexual signals…

…You wish you could buy them all.

Each of these new products has the secret to getting you
all the pussy you want.

Well, maybe they do.

Look I’ll be straight; I put out some of the BEST
products on the market.

Of course, there’s other quality stuff out there too.

All of my programs and many of these others will work
really well for you if you would just focus on them for
a while without distraction.

Here is one of the prime keys to getting really good at
dating and picking up girls:

Focus on ONE thing.

When you are first learning, there are many internal
changes that go on beneath the surface.

These changes are positive and necessary, but they don’t
always lead to immediate and obvious results.

Many students will spend a little time doing approaches
and learning, not get laid, and blame the guru or
methodology that he is working with.

This is a mistake.

In most cases, this initial effort leads to invisible
improvements, which will support a lifetime of success.

Most students are constantly chasing their tails,
switching methods every few months.

If you do this, it will turn your brain into a mess.

You want one thing you can study that’s 100% proven and
field tested by me?

Check out this video…

My Black Book Method is that ONE thing that if you stick
with it, you’ll be pulling 9’s and 10’s at will.

Just follow the directions I lay out, rinse and repeat.

Talk soon,

Brad P.