No Escape From Planet Friend Zone…

Tue, 01/09/2015

A reader just wrote me with a question on how to get out
of the dreaded friend zone.

Here’s what he had to say:


“Brad, can you say something sometime about moving from
the “friend zone” to the “friend with benefits” zone?

The term “friend” doesn’t mean what it used to mean if
the “friend” is opposite sex.

“It becomes a very confusing word. And adding “with
benefits” just makes the confusion worse.”


My advice:

The idea is to never enter the friend zone in the first

Moving girls from friend zone to friends with benefits
zone is not a good game plan.

Too many guys out there have tried and failed, so women
have an elaborate defense system already set up for

Once a woman thinks of you as a friend, she’s put you in
a mental box. You’re not a sexual threat.

Once that’s done, it’s virtually impossible for her to
make a mental leap to see you any other way.

Women find it to be boring and wimpy when you employ
this plan.

It’s a major turnoff. That’s why this never works.

The plan needs be to get attraction, be dominant, and if
she ever tries to put you in the friend zone, run the
other way and start again with a new girl.



Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – And one more thing, if you are currently friends
with some hotty that you’ve been pathetically pining
for, get rid of her. Erase her phone number and stop
hanging out with her.

It’s the best thing for you, like getting off of a bad

And it frees up your time to go after REAL prospects.

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out my Black Book Method.