The “Are You Nervous Game” – HOT

Thu, 22/10/2015

A bunch of college girls I bummed a ride from one night
in Iowa a couple years back introduced me to this

…It’s called “Are You Nervous.”

It goes like this:

You put your hand on the girl’s leg (or she does it to
you) and say “Are you nervous?” If she says no, you move
it a little higher and then repeat “are you nervous.”

You just go again and again until she says “yes” or
you’re playing with her pussy, whichever comes first.

Fun, huh?

The girls were playing it with each other, then they
played it with me, then I played it on all of them.

I ended up playing with 2 chicks’ pussies and both their
tits also, and we really barely knew each other at all.

One girl was running her hand up my cock for a good 20

I hadn’t really run much decent game on them; in fact I
tripped and fell on the dance floor and that’s how the
set opened.

It has to go a little slower if you are the one
introducing it, but will still work well.

Just say “Hey did you ever play ‘are you nervous?'” and
explain what it is and jump right in.

The nice thing about this game is that it allows you to
escalate all the girls in the group at once, and then
the entire group will backwards rationalize that you are
a cool guy since they all got touchy with you.

You’ll get extra coolness points with them if you can
play the game and never seem in the least bit creepy or

You have to not even seem too affected by the arousal of
it, as if this is normal and you’re playing with boobs
all the time.

Then the girls are getting a little aroused and they
start to feel NAUGHTY because they are and you’re not.

It’s just a game, so it doesn’t set off the ANTI-SLUT
DEFENSE burglar alarm as badly as straight kino.

Just be careful not to seem creepy.

When the girl answers “yes” be sure you stop immediately
and then just laugh at her, “Ha ha, you got nervous”
then move to the next person.

So much fun…

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – When you are ready to learn all my fun tricks for
escalating quickly, without coming off as a creep, check
out my Black Book Method.

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