What Makes the Hottest Women So Different…

Thu, 18/02/2016

As I’m sure you can imagine…

…Being in LA, I coach a lot of guys with money and

…And a lot of them don’t have the first CLUE when it
comes to women.

I was recently consulting a guy who’s a producer in the
television industry…

You’d know some of the big shows he’s done, you might
even know his name if I told but yunno, client
confidentiality and all that…

…Anyway, he was pretty frustrated. He has a block
when it comes to the hottest women, the 9 and the 10’s.

…And he is around these women ALL THE TIME.

It’s like he trips himself up whenever he sets out to
build attraction with the HOT actresses.

Now, the cute girl next door office assistant (whose
about a 6 or a 7), he can fuck her anytime all day

…But no luck with the 9’s and 10’s.

I told him this:

There’s a fundamental difference between 8, 9s and 10s
and 1-7s. In fact there are a few, but the big one you
need to know about is actually pretty obvious when you
think about it…

The hottest girls get hit on a lot more. You’re never
going to find a hot girl stuck for choices, so you need
to STAND OUT from the crowd.

This guy had heard about “negging” from The Game and
seduction sites, which is supposedly a solution to the
hottest girls.

For those of you who don’t know what “negging” is, the
idea is that by giving them a kind of
backhanded-compliment or jocular insult, you lower their
status and make them want to prove themselves to you.

But honestly, negging is widely misunderstood,
frequently misapplied, and screwing it up just leaves
you looking like a d|ck.

Not to mention upsetting a perfectly nice girl for no
good reason!

Let’s be honest – even for guys who approach a lot, it’s
still intimidating. And knowing that you could not only
get turned down, but actually upset the person you’re
talking to is a real killer. And because of this…

The hottest girls often miss out on the highest value
guys (YOU).

Which is a big shame, for everyone involved…

So I’m going to give you the same suggestion I gave to
my TV producer friend:

Learn the approaches and the methods in my Black Book
Method. I distilled a lifetime of hooking up with the
hottest women into a concise method you can learn fast
and start getting laid with.

The video will tell you all about it.

Talk soon,

Brad P.