You Can Do This Even If You’re Dating Someone

Tue, 16/02/2016

Good morning baddasses!

Something for you to think about today…

I just got off the phone with a new guy who’s learning
my material and having success really fast.

His name is Kyle and he scored two solid 9’s in the last
7 days.

He’s doing great.

But like a lot of young guys who see success really
fast, he got COCKY.

I told him, you’re off to a great start, but if you want
to keep getting better and keep getting these results,
you gotta stay VIGILANT.

You need to be vigilant against bad habits that send you on
a backslide and keep you involuntarily celibate.

So you foster good habits from the get go.

Here are some of the good habit I made Kyle PROMISE me
he would drill:

1. Talk to girls. 3-4 times a week is great.

Anywhere and everywhere.

Spend about two hours talking to women for every one
hour studying the material.

This is your “weekly workout” that gets talking to women
to be second nature.

You can do this even if you’re dating someone. No

2. Enjoy the process!

Plan on investing a little time before you see
consistent results. Don’t expect overnight success.

…And don’t think that just because you DID get
overnight success, you’re done learning!

…And lastly…

3. Don’t take shortcuts!

I don’t want you to scour the Internet or message boards
looking for someone marketing a magic bullet to help you
avoid talking to women and investing some time.

You know what would be the best way for you to start
getting the best results from your efforts now?

…Online dating.

Have you tried my Online Spark method yet?

Based on everything I know about you, this would be the
perfect fit.

(BTW – I made Online Spark a required reading for Kyle,
who thinks he needs no help at all anymore!)

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woman with MAXIMUM LEVERAGE, because you can do it right
from your smartphone wherever you are.

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Talk soon,

Brad P.