A Crazy Thing Happened on the Way to the Bedroom….

Fri, 29/04/2016

I had a great question from a client who got into a very
sticky situation.

There’s a great lesson here for you guys so read every


“Hi Brad,

I encountered something I’ve never heard you mention, so
I’m hoping you can help.

On the third date I bounced the hot girl back to my bed.

Then she kept saying, “I love you” and asked me if I
love her (later she told me she is a virgin).

So I do “The Speech” which goes like “I like you and I
enjoyed my time with you, but I’m not looking for a
committed relationship…” etc.

She was sad but she kissed me, and then stopped me when
I escalate (classic LMR), and then she got really

Since I don’t want to deal with her emotional shit after
the close (if possible), I told her “you are getting
emotional, let’s go.” and send her home happily.

So, my dilemma here is:

Being Honest = No Fuck (to girls who are looking for a
serious relationship), but no-one gets hurt


Lie To Her = Fuck but she gets hurt later (when she
realizes I’m not seeing her as a serious partner)

I don’t mind losing this single set but please share me
some thoughts on how to deal with girls who want a
serious relationship?

– Miguel”


My thoughts:

This is a very unusual situation. Rarely will a girl
start with the “I love you” stuff after only 3 days.

My vote is that you did the right thing because this
girl is probably psycho.

In some cases, the girl likes to create a temporary
delusion of love just so she can justify sex, because
she wants sex ANYWAY.

This happens a lot.

Then when it doesn’t work out she is not hurt because
she knew deep down that it was all pretend.

But this is more common in Latin American countries
(Where you’re from) and not very common in the USA. Just
thought you might be interested in this.

In these cultures, it’s more acceptable to just lie to
the girl and say you love her, and it fizzles out in a
month and she goes and does the same thing with a new

But I would not recommend that and I do not practice
this kind of thing myself.

Just get great game.

Then you’ll have such an abundance of pussy you just
won’t care when this sort of thing happens.

Just move on and say “next”!

Talk soon,

Brad P.

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