Tactical Lesson # 314: The Grandmother Cockblock

Tue, 26/04/2016

Hello readers!

I’m glad to hear all of the success stories of you guys
getting out in the field and actually doing it,
approaching women, building attraction, getting laid.

Always reach out to me with questions.

I’m here to help. On that note, I got a great question
from Randy:


First, thank you for an incredibly insightful and
informative newsletter.

I am wondering how you would advise opening a cute girl
with her mom/dad standing next to her.

Perhaps she is in her twenties, browsing the sushi with
her mom at a whole foods- can she be opened or is she
off limits?

Here’s why I ask:

Recently, I was at grocery store and there was a super
sexy Israeli girl speaking Hebrew with what appeared to
be her grandmother. I am almost fluent in Hebrew and
understood exactly their discussion.

Was her grandmother too great of an obstacle? Thanks a


My Answer:

It’s not off limits, but that can be a tricky approach.

In this case though you have to approach the mom or
grandmother first, “game” the mother so she likes you,
and then say, “Sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt you and
your… daughter?”

That’s a great way to neutralize the mom’s resistance.

Then maybe she’ll love you so much she throws the
daughter to you.

Then you’re free to open the target.

Talk soon,

Brad P.

PS – If you have question like this or are ready to have
the skills to deal with any eventuality in the field:

Check out this quick video.