Why It’s So Easy for Some Guys

Wed, 20/04/2016

So I just got back from Whole Foods (Trade secret – one
of the best spots in LA to meet women), with a phone
number from a stunning blond who is like a solid 10.

I think she’s an aspiring actress.

(…Aren’t they all out here?)

I don’t even remember what I said; she caught me totally
by surprise. She actually opened me with a question
about organic kale or some shit like that, and the
conversation just flowed from there.

Do you want to know why?

…Because I was using the FIRST SECRET of picking up

And if you ask 20 guys what that secret is, you may get
20 different answers.

Some will say you need the perfect opening line…

Some will say you need to have just the right fashion to
give a good first impression…

Some guys might even tell you that you need to read
micro-signals in her eyes or some shit, before you can

Those things are all helpful ingredients but the one
most important thing is this:

A consistent positive state of mind.

When you’re in a good place emotionally, women can
actually feel it. It’s makes them open up and want to
be around you.

(That’s exactly what happened to me at whole foods. –
I’m pretty well practiced at this)

But if you’re coming from a negative, needy place
they’ll feel that too…

…And you could have the best opening line that’s been
proven to work by everyone, but if you deliver it with
the wrong energy they’ll run from you and you won’t know

A lot of guys ask me, but what if I’m in a bad mood or I
had a shitty day? Do I just not go out?

Well, not so fast…

There are things you can do to be in a good mood A LOT

… And you can even CHANGE YOUR MOOD if your boss gave
you an extra project that needs to be done over the
weekend and you feel a fucking Godzilla rage coming on.


It’s pretty simple and straightforward:

To get into a positive state of mind more often, you
simply need to identify the things that put you in a bad
mood, and ELIMINATE these from your life.

Also, take the things that make you feel good and do
them MORE.

Seems like common sense right?

Do it!

If your job is killing your state and making you
miserable, then frankly, you need to change jobs.


Add new things that make you feel good.

If playing sports is putting you in a good mood, DOUBLE
the amount of time you are doing this.

Now if you need a quick fix – if you’re in a shitty mood
and you’re going out in like a half an hour, do this:


If you are planning to go out and meet girls, put on
loud music and dance in your bedroom.

It may sound silly, but it will get you feeling good

Here’s another trick to go along with that:

Text girls you already know.

They’ll give you short-term validation and get you in a
great mood.

Being in a good state of mind is one of the KEY SECRET
WEAPONS of guys who are really good with women.

Chicks get hot for GOOD VIBES.

So do me a favor:

If you haven’t listened to it yet, I want you to
download my audio bonus, Work Smarter, Not Harder.

It’s full of great tips like this and will save you tons
of time and money.

And when all your efforts are properly focused and your
getting results you wont need an exercise to get you
into a great fucking mood!

Talk soon,

Brad P.