Are You Doing it Right? (Answer Inside)

Tue, 21/06/2016

Years ago I was in one of those motivational seminars
and something the guy said stuck in my brain like glue:

It was about the one common trait of people who
chronically fail…


That means they look really busy and they’re always
doing something or another, but they never actually get
anything done.

Here’s an example:

Activity is organizing your desk. Putting all the
pencils in the pencil holder. Filling the copy machine
with paper. Making coffee.

You can spend your entire day at the office doing that

But you didn’t accomplish anything, did you?

What would be an accomplishment?

How about calling a customer and making a SALE.

Accomplishment is actually DOING the business we are
there to do.

Now let’s apply this to dating:

Activity would be chatting with other dating students on
an Internet forum.

Activity would be going to a local lair meeting.

Activity would be reading up on the latest dating system
making the rounds on the Internet.

What would be an accomplishment?

Getting out of the house and approaching a few girls.

Plain and simple.

…And the best time to start getting out and
approaching is the first week you find this material.

If you find a book of openers on the Internet on a
Thursday, by Friday you should go out and start trying

THAT is accomplishment.

Look, a little preparatory study is a good idea before
you get started.

But if you get too bogged down in study and preparation
activity), you’ll grow too accustomed to not getting
anything done and you’re window of opportunity will
start to close.

I want you to do me a favor right now:

Watch this short video.

Then, go out and try just one thing you learned.

Let me know how you do, I’d love to hear.

Talk soon,

Brad P.