Kissing a Sex Robot

Tue, 19/07/2016

Sometimes you’re going to get weird resistance from

…Especially in the bedroom when you’re hooking up.

You never know what kind of shit they’ll say and if you
let it, it will totally knock you off balance.

A friend of mine whom I’ve coached on and off over the
years, just sent me a funny story about this.

And how he handled it was classic.

Enjoy the story, and then I’ll come back with comments
(This is Jay):


“There was a girl I had sex with months ago who informed
me she was coming back in town to visit. She was a
little on the annoying side, always questioning things
and just being an pseudo-intellectual smart ass, but she
had a gigantic ass and was very submissive in bed.

I wanted to hit again.

I was living with my dad and figured I’d just hook up
with her at the friend’s house she was staying at.

Unfortunately for me the friend she stayed with was a
beta male who had a crush on her.

I decided to sneak her into my dad’s house while he
slept upstairs. I made her take off her high heels
before she came in so she wouldn’t make any noise on the
ceramic tile.

Downstairs in my basement lair, the clothes quickly
starting coming off. Now I have to be honest with you:

I wasn’t as into her as she was me.

She noticed this.

While I was on top of her making out she said, “Stop, I
feel like I’m kissing an automaton.”


From her tone it almost seemed like she planned on
saying that.

What girl would be able to come up with the word
“automaton” that quickly in the heat of passion?

Here’s what I said:

“Really? That’s the worst possible thing you could have
said. What… you think I’m going to want you more now?”

She said, “Well it just didn’t feel right, it didn’t
feel like you were into it. You weren’t even looking at

In a way she was right but I can’t be the first guy that
has done that to her. And definitely not the last.

So I did what usually works when a girl puts up any sort
of resistance in the bedroom…

I pulled back.

I laid there on my back with my eyes open and didn’t
move or say a thing.

She inched slowly to me with each passing minute until
she was laying on top of my chest. She grabbed my hand
and put it on her ass (she knew my weakness). We went
right back at it.

This time around I was more cool and guarded. I was
barely doing any work at all and then she says, “That’s
much better.”

That’s chick logic for you!”


My comments:

Hilarious but true.

…All he did was pullback and hold his frame.

Then she came into his frame and it was ON.

She probably thought it was her idea.

Sometimes you just have to ignore resistance. I’m not
suggesting using force, just pull back. Withdraw
yourself and don’t acknowledge the resistance.

One of the first things I learned in the game was “Never
make apologies for what you want.”

Imagine what would have happened if he had apologized,
if he tried harder to be more passionate and loving…

The whole thing would have been on her terms, which
would end up making Jay less attractive in her eyes and
feel like shit afterwards.

Is this happening to you?

Make sure it doesn’t ever again.

Talk soon,

Brad P.